Colposcopy Introduction:

It is a test in which a doctor quickly finds cells in your vagina and cervix that causes cancer. Colposcopy is a simple medical procedure to check or investigate the diseases of the vagina, vulva, and cervix.

This test diagnose vaginal cancer, vulva cancer, genital wart and cervix cancer. Colposcope is a unique instrument used in the process of Colposcopy. Colposcope is looked like binoculars. Colposcope has a stand and bright light. The doctor should examine it closely in 5 to 10minutes. It is also called colpotest.

Why Colposcopy test needed:

Doctors should be recommending this test when they recognised some issue and reasons in your body.


  • Erratic results of your pap
  • Abnormal Cervix
  • HPV
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Additional problems

What is the procedure of Colposcopy:

The cervical test is quite simple to examine your disease. In this test, you can find the leading causes of your cell’s changes in your cervix.

For this test, the patient should be lying down on the table used in medical places to examine their body parts. After laying down, the Doctor uses a speculum to open your vagina by looking at your cervix easily and clear. The speculum is used to separate the walls of your vagina.

To see a clear view of your cervix, the doctor washes it with a solution, which looks like vinegar. By this solution, the cervix cells glance. Now it’s time to use the instrument called a colposcope to examine your cervix. This is the final step of this test. If the doctor finds any erratic and abnormality through colposcopy, then a doctor should recommend a biopsy.

A biopsy is a test of tissues in which a doctor take a sample of tissue outside of your cervix and sometimes

inside your cervix and send it to the lab for further details.

Is colonoscopy painful?

No, it’s not very painful.

The patient feels slight burning and irritation when the cervix had washed with a solution and feel a light pressure when the speculum used to separate the walls of the vagina

Risks of Colposcopy:

The tiny problems occur after the colposcopy. This test has rare risks such as

  • The vagina is slightly sore after it.
  • Bleeding not heavier like your period
  • Fever or sickness
  • Pain in the abdominal and lower parts
  • Release from the vagina ( heavy smell bed and

yellow colored)

If patients feel these symptoms, they should call their doctor and need treatment.

What the patient does after getting the result?

If doctors discover the cells in your cervix that are abnormal, they do more tests to see how they treat them. Sometimes they heal them through medicine

and wait to get the result, and take the test regularly to examine the cells.

In serve cases, doctors recommend another relatively better process for preventing cervical cancer.

  • LEEP


It is a process in which doctors use electrical current through a thin wire loop to remove abnormal cells.

Cone Biopsy :

It is another process to remove abnormal cells by using a cone-shaped wedge to cut out the cervix.


It is the most straightforward process to remove the cervix cancer cells through laser.


In this process, abnormal cells are frozen off.

These are very beneficial treatments and procedures, but the patient should continue their pelvic exam.

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