Do you need help to decide which types of fencing panels are most suitable for your requirements? There are some main differences between residential and commercial fencing that you need to know before booking an appointment for a quote. Each application has its own uses and specifications.

Fencing Basics 101

Residential fencing is used for the outer perimeter of the property and the swimming pool area if applicable. There are specific regulations a fence around a pool must have. If you need a pool fence, make sure the fence company you choose knows the local building codes and installs a fence that is BOCA-compliant.

Residences can choose from a wide variety of fencing materials and styles. They can opt for one that suits the design of the house and fits in with the tone of the neighborhood. It is possible to place fencing around areas of the garden to protect it from pets or segregate the front yard from the back one.

Commercial fencing must be sturdier and more practical than the range that is available for residential properties. They are manufactured with larger pickets, bigger rails, and a thicker gauge. The panels are designed to be highly practical and do not focus so much on the aesthetics of the fencing itself. The rails have eight metal support ribs each that give strength to the finished structure. Panels made for commercial purposes can also be used for retail, institutional, industrial, and other high-traffic applications.

Where the two fencing choices intersect is when homeowners select to have commercial fencing for their swimming pool area as an additional precaution.

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The majority of residential fencing panels have the pickets spaced at around 3” apart. If you don’t want people to have a view of the house from the road, it is possible to get fencing with the pickets closer together. There is the choice between having spears on top or flattened.

The range of colors and a choice of matte or semi-gloss finishes mean that you can be assured of a fence that is as unique as your house. If that is not enough to distinguish your home out from all the others, there are also decorations like scrolls and rings that can be added.

Commercial fencing is standardized with pickets that are much closer together than residential ones. This is because it adds an extra dimension of security. Many commercial buildings opt to have spears affixed to the top of the fence as well. Industrial-grade metal is used to manufacture these pickets. This is a precaution against unauthorized individuals from being able to gain access to the premises.

Now that you know a little more about the differences between commercial and residential fencing, you can decide on what the best option for your home or business premises.

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