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Why Does Craft Beer Taste Better Than Mass-Produced Beer?

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Not all beers are created equal. Just like any other food product out there, if you make something with quality ingredients, slowly, and in smaller batches, it will be evident to the person who tastes it that the product was created with love and care.

Here are some of the reasons why craft beer tastes better than its mass-produced second cousin twice removed.

Better Taste

Craft beers rely on word of mouth to advertise, instead of the massive promotions the big beer companies use. This is what drives the people who make craft beers to pay so much attention to the flavour of their product. The brewers handpick special ingredients and perfect the taste of the beer over many years.

In contrast to this, the big beer companies have a staple recipe that they have used since they started, and the ingredients have never changed to adapt for a more sophisticated palate. This is why many adults can’t drink the mass-produced beer they drank in their youth because to them, it now tastes watery.

Diversity of Flavour

You can find any permutation and taste in the creative world of craft beer. As they are not stuck to a traditional (read boring) recipe, they can try out any flavour profile or combo. This is why you are now able to sample beers with surprising dessert flavours, herbs, spices, and other exotic ingredients.

Craft beer brewers can raise or lower the ABVs if they want their product to have more or less of a kick to it. They let their imaginations run wild, which has led to some genuinely astounding flavour options.

If reading this has inspired you to try out some of the wonderful craft beers in the Niagara area, why don’t you book one of these fun and adventurous beer tours? You will learn about the art of brewing full flavoured beers from some of the leading experts in the country.


Craft Beer Festivals and Seasonal Beers

Part of the craft beer lifestyle is to attend the occasional festival where all things craft beer are celebrated and tasted. Another thing that craft beer brewers can do is tweak their recipes to create a rich, dark, complex beer for winter nights around a fire, or a light, crisp, refreshing one for the summer months.

Innovation and Celebration

Big beer corporations know they have buyers lined up to take their product off to markets across the country. This why opening up one of these beers brings no surprise or delight. Craft breweries make it their mission in life to be creative, risky, and unique. This is why they produce the most imaginative flavour combinations that thrill the person who cracks one open.

Support Your Community

We are moving away from wanting to consume mass-produced, predictable products from far away countries that used precious carbon emissions to get to the store. When you drink craft beer, you are supporting your community and building relationships by promoting the local economy.

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