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What is wrong with the Westboro Baptist Church?

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Whenever America is hit with some sort of crime on its soil from the cops getting killed in Dallas, Texas or to the Boston Marathon Bombers, the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas seems to put themselves in the middle of it. Normally, they end up protesting the funerals and say that the victims deserved what they were getting.

The dirt they spur at these funerals is stupid. After the horrific events that took place in Dallas earlier this week as a lone gunman killed twelve cops and five ended up dying, the WBC decided to put their opinion in on it. It should be noted, no one asked for their opinion. I don’t think I have met anyone who honestly cares about what they think.

Well, they announced a day after Dallas was hit that they were going to the funerals and protest them. As far as they see it as they put it on the website, “ God sent the shooter to a city full of proud sinners.” Let us not forgot after the nightclub in Orlando was attacked a few weeks ago, this is the same group that said God sent the shooter because he hates gay people.

I don’t find anything decent about them. I know this is not their first time making comments about a tragedy hitting American soil but come on. Why should innocent people die because nutcases are somehow allowed access to guns, They see these people who kill these innocent people as saviors; These have to be the dumbest people I have ever seen.

How in hell are these people who kill innocent people, savors anytime there has been a murder like at Auroa, Sandy Hook, Dallas, Miami, and so on; these idiots say that the victims had it coming to them because for some reason God hates them. Personally, I don’t take anything they say seriously cause they don’t have any authority. I understand they are a church, but I can not take them seriously.

All I am going to say is this, I will never understand why people take what is said by the WBC as being real or truthful. I feel they are doing this to get a rise out of people and unfortunately the people who follow them and actually believe them are not bright. I understand people are not going to be a fan of me because I am calling out the WBC, but enough with the pure garbage that spills out of their mouths.

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