Nowadays, teeth care has become an integral and an important part of overall health maintenance. Your smile is the first thing that catches someone’s attention. Unlike traditional dentists whose main concern is to ensure the good health of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry is your one step solution to changing the look of your teeth. A cosmetic dentist helps in giving you the perfect teeth. They prevent teeth from decaying, remove yellow strains, nicotine marks, shape your teeth and carry out various other services. These dentists are masters in providing you with a beautiful smile. They specialise in adding fresh crowns on your teeth, do grafting of the gums, use lasers for whitening your teeth, and add laminates to your teeth, etc.

Services which are provided by a Cosmetic Dentist:

Technology is getting more and more advanced with each passing year, and in the field of dentistry, this has left a huge impression. Using these technologies has enabled cosmetic dentists in providing natural looking teeth to their clients. Services provided by them are:

  • Inlays and onlays are seldom used by dentists. This is a process in which deformed teeth structures are given a proper shape. They provide teeth with a hard covering that would prevent it from further decaying. There are several benefits of such a process. If your teeth are undergoing a minor cavity, inlays would provide a full coverage on the cavities and keep it safe.

The colour of your teeth will remain intact and not fade away within a short span of time. Moreover, they also protect the weaker tooth. The coverage provided by inlays and onlays is done in such a way that it needs minimal maintenance.

  • They also carry out composite binding of the teeth. Under it the decayed, broken or discoloured tooth is fixed with adhesives used to fix a broken one. Natural looking tooth is used to replace the old one. Under composite binding, placement of artificial gums inside your mouth to get the perfect mould of your teeth, then sculpting under laboratory settings, lastly tooth fixing under expert supervision is also carried out by cosmetic dentists.
  • One of the widely preferred services availed by the masses is, teeth whitening. There are many who avail this service twice a year. Staining of teeth due to drinking alcohol, coffee or tea, smoking or chewing nicotine can be resolved by teeth whitening. These services are available in pocket friendly ranges.

A normal tooth whitening session can last up to an hour. This service brightens and whitens your teeth thereby boosting your self-confidence. Dental veneers are provided to mend crack and gaps in the tooth. Veneers can also be done after the first session of teeth whitening. If you have a tight budget you can apply for dental insurance which would include all these services.

Apart from the above stated services, cosmetic dentist are also masters in providing services that would enhance your smile and restructure the bone muscles of your mouth region.

Conventional Dentistry Vs Cosmetic Dentistry The basic difference between the two is the kind of treatment that is provided under these two.  Whereas traditional dentistry involves taking care of the oral hygiene or diseases of the teeth, cosmetic dentistry focuses on the desired treatment that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth.

Cosmetic dentists provide restorative measures to the teeth thereby helping you to stay confident and smiling by giving you a new set of teeth if required or polishing the tampered, the worn-out teeth you have been living with. So don’t wait any longer and set up an appointment to get beautiful smiles with the North Texas Dental in Sherman.

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