To turn your Jeep into the ultimate truck, you need height. However, there is more than one way to raise the profile of your ride. It’s important to understand the difference between body and suspension lift kits for trucks. Before you decide which is right for your truck, consider the advantages each has to offer.

Body Lift Kits

Body kits are used to raise the cab and bed off your truck off the chassis. Using spacers to lift the truck, you can have more height without altering the ride of your vehicle. In other words, the chassis clearance and axle assembly remain the same. Typically, body kits will leave a larger gap between the bed of your truck and the wheels. Some truck owners prefer this look while others do not. Often you will need to install running boards to help you enter the cab.

Suspension Lift Kits

Unlike body lifts, suspension lift kits actually raise the truck’s clearance. With more height between your chassis and the road, you can fit large off-road tires for Jeep and oversized wheels without rubbing or bottoming out. With more suspension travel, your truck is better equipped to handle rough terrain and off-roading. The larger frame allows for steel Jeep bumpers equipped with winches and other accessories.

Choosing Between the Two

Ultimately, the choice between a body lift and suspension lift is up to personal preference. However, there are distinct advantages to each which are more suitable to certain needs than others. Body kits are an easy way to add height without affecting your trucks ride. Suspension lift kits increase clearance and handling capabilities. Some truck owners choose to do both, raising both the ground clearance and the cab.

To achieve the best look for your Jeep, find a kit that lets you do more. While personal tastes differ, there’s no arguing better performance.

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