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What Makes Reclaimed Wooden American Flags & Paintings So Special?

We are all aware of how unique and amazing reclaimed wood decorations look. Just knowing that you have a new piece of furniture, a desk, or table, or even decorations like American flags & paintings can just make any space appear so distinctive and special. Having flags on reclaimed wood is a rich way to show history, hanging on a small nail with a rough look. However, what makes this wood such a special choice and how can you care for it?

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

You should know that reclaimed wood often comes from old barns. Usually, barns play a vital role when it comes to the farming world, and for several generations, they continue to make a notable impact. Although barns remain in operation, some do not stand long. Usually, people collect wooden barn siding from different dilapidating barns to use it for other reasons. This wood then gets a unique coloring and exposure to various elements for years.

Such wood placed in barns has enough life in it. Rather than going into the dump, the wood goes into factories to manufacture furniture and other elements for home decoration. The same way, handcrafted wooden wall art experts like American Echoes use such reclaimed to create the most exquisite looking American flags and paintings. Large boards from the wood go through cutting into smaller sections to form American flag board panels. Since this wood remains sturdy, it can go into any form of decoration. It is quite a versatile material, and it gives the option to add a unique touch to any room in a home.

The Many Benefits of Having Reclaimed Wooden Flag Wall Arts

The best part is that reclaimed wood actually comes with several positive features and unique traits. So many people try to decide whether the reclaimed wood is actually good for their home or not. Know that reclaimed wood comes with some special features and benefits. If you are planning to hang a wooden American flag in your home, then here are some of the pros you should consider when choosing reclaimed wood décors.

Gives the Space a One-Of-a-Kind Look

One thing unique about reclaimed wood is that no two pieces actually appear the same. Even though they may come from the same log, the wood pieces will turn out different. Each piece would have different looking marking with different colors. However, once these pieces go through different painting looks, it adds a new touch to your home and some vintage touch as well.

It’s Eco-friendly

This type of wall art decor is definitely the best eco-friendly option you can have in your home. Choosing this prevents the wood from disposal, and protects the environment as well. Since this is in wood panels or boards, you can rest assured it will last longer and you will not need to replace it.

Gives Your Home Some History

Your wooden flag wall art will definitely have some rich history to show visitors. Each American flag design on reclaimed wood goes through the best finish and colors. In addition, the reclaimed wood means you are also preserving the rich history of the barn, rather than demolishing it. You have given the wood piece a new home and added it as a rich part of American history.


It could be old looking, but rest assured that reclaimed wood is quite stable and a strong material that keeps your wall appearing great. The wood is often hard, and the durability means that it will last you for many days to come.

Timeless Piece

A wooden wall art made from reclaimed wood is always a classic piece and adds a timeless appeal to your home. It’s a unique and versatile, which works perfectly for different décor styles. Each piece would not look out of style, meaning you can stick to your own choice and taste.

Different Sizes

Usually, barn boards are somewhat larger compared to other options because they come from trees that were hand grown for a longer time. The large size offers much more versatility in the construction of the wall art. Wider planks or panels will fit together to create a more unique look to each flag piece.

Caring for Reclaimed Wood

One of the best ways to care for wooden American flags & painting is to clean it regularly. Cleaning the surface will give it a new look every day and prevent the wood from scratching, dulling and experiencing damages in the future. You can use everyday wipe off to clean the surface. Invest in a soft cloth so it will not scratch the surface. Moisten the cloth and wipe the dust off from the surface lightly. You may have to rinse the cloth once or twice, depending on the amount of debris.

Caring for reclaimed wood is easy; you just need to ensure that you pay attention to various factors and follow the right precautionary measures to care for the frames.

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