Male nutrition advice is full of snake oil.

There’s Bulletproof coffee trying to sell the idea of eating good fats; there’s Infowars’ insane supplement plan; and there’s a litany of seemingly impossible fitness and diet regimes.

While eating good fats and taking supplements are a good idea, eating real food is a fantastic way to eat well and start taking an active role in your health.

What Is Real Food?

Real foods are things like fruits, vegetables, and meat. Fake foods are things like Doritos, high-fructose corn syrup, and many flavored foods, like certain yogurts. Try for whole foods and you’ll find yourself eating a whole mess of vegetables and fruits. There are a ton of foods that are hailed as “super foods,” and if you’re eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, you’ll definitely run into them as part of your diet. If you want something exciting, try out cool fruit combos, like cotton candy grapes or the nectaplum (a nectarine-plum combo fruit).

If you really want to eat well, looking at ways you can get your hands on local produce may be valuable to you. Rather than depending on the food decisions of a grocery store’s supply chain, you can look at what’s growing. Eating local food means that your food may be more flavorful and packed with nutrients. There are also environmental and cost benefits to eating local foods.

If you’re eating whole foods, try local ones.

Cheap Sources of Real Food

Eating local, whole foods can be expensive.

Sure, rice and potatoes are cheap, but if you’re going full-on and buying hormone-free meats, the cost can add up. While sourcing local produce can be shockingly cheap, sourcing meat might be a little harder.

Luckily, many meats can cost as little as a hunting license. Hunting and fishing can be a great hobby, a great way to get a little exercise, and a source of food. If you live near coastal waters, you can get some very interesting fish and if you live in the mountains, elk and deer can be super tasty. Eating wild animals you’ve killed yourself is a good way to get hormone-free, free-range meat.

There are a variety of ways to get real food on the cheap, since many real foods can be grown.

Ever Thought About Keto?

A keto diet is great as a long-term weight management plan or can be a great way for anyone to get reduce their sugar intake. It’s really easy to consume too much sugar. Even things like canned vegetables sometimes end up with sugar added, so focusing on a keto diet can help you cut out processed foods.

There are a plenty of great reasons to go keto, but it’s focus reducing carbohydrate intake can inspire you to eat better and the quick weight loss can be incredibly rewarding. Of course, before embarking on any diet or lifestyle change, consulting with a doctor is recommended.

The best diet to start with is the one where you start eating real food. Eating food around you is not only good for you, but it can be cheaper. Whether you’re a hunter or have an “in” with a local farmer, there are a ton of ways to get whole foods in your belly. If your someone who has trouble letting go of the sugar or aren’t sure where to start, following a keto diet can definitely help you start on the right path.

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