Buying a Window Vacuum Cleaner
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When the time comes for spring cleaning of windows, you will realise that it’s not an easy job to do. You have to spend an entire weekend carrying out buckets, towels, sponges, and ladders, or you could grab a window vacuum cleaner to clean all your mirrors, tiles, worktops, shower screens, and windows within a fraction of time and effort. These are special hand-held devices used to remove soapy water, dirt, and dust from windows, instantly leaving them streak-free and squeaky clean.  You will find a surprising variety of features while shopping around for window vacs. But here are a few factors that you must take into account before you bring one home. Size and Weight Since a window vac is meant to be a hand-held device, it needs to be light and small to carry. A couple of pounds may not feel too much initially, but after 15 minutes of holding it at arm’s length, it may start hurting, particularly when it gets filled up with dirty water. The bigger capacity it has and the longer you will be able to use it, the heavier it will get. Ensure that the vac you are buying is small and light to stay easy on your back and arms. It may have a small water tank, but it is more important not to weigh you down. Battery Performance Window vacs run on rechargeable batteries that often keep you going for half an hour or so. That’s usually enough time to clean your car or windows. But to support your extensive cleaning sprees, make sure that the battery recharges quickly so that you can continue cleaning after a tea break.  The time taken by the vac to recharge the battery is important, as speedy charging can allow you to clean all the windows in a single shot. It should also have an adequate battery capacity with which you can use it for a long time. Efficiency No matter how long its battery lasts, it would be useless if it is not cleaning properly. The suction must be powerful enough to remove water, dirt, and dust evenly and quickly. A window vacuum cleaner must clean right up to the suction nozzle, as it will be efficient in cleaning the window edges.  Some turbo-powered vacuum cleaners have advanced settings to create extra suction if needed. This mode may consume the battery quickly but can be a good option for enhanced cleaning. Water Tank Capacity Handheld window vacs have water tanks that hold dirty water while cleaning. Portable ones have bigger tanks than robotic models. The bigger the tank size is, the longer it will function, but the heavier it will get. The smaller the tank size is, the lighter it will remain, but you will have to empty it more frequently.  Some vacs have integrated self-cleaning water tanks, while others have detachable tanks that you have to remove and empty manually. A robotic model with a detachable water tank can make your job easier. Leak Proofing Window vacuum cleaners are meant to suck dirty water into their water tank while cleaning. Without a proper leak-proof suction system, the entire process can get extremely messy, especially if you are working at height.  Dirty water leaking from your vac and running down to your armpit will be extremely itchy and irritating. So, look for a model that has good leak-proofing. Nozzle Size The nozzle is a part of the vacuum cleaner’s head which has a squeegee like texture. A big size side-to-side nozzle will let you complete your job quickly. On the other hand, a short nozzle will allow you to reach edges, corners, and tight spots easily.  Look for a window vacuum cleaner that comes with different nozzle heads that can be swapped easily as and when needed. Some models also come with accessories like rotating nozzles, pads, brushes, drying pads, and squeegees to handle different cleaning tasks. Price The type and brand of vac you buy will significantly affect the price you have to pay. If you are a little tight on budget, you will probably need to compromise on a few features and accessories. The more features you expect, the more you will have to pay.  A premium gadget from a reputed brand with high running times will cost you more, but you will also find some decent, budget-friendly models out there.  All these factors are critical to consider while buying a window vac. Depending on your purpose and needs, you may choose the one that best suits your expectations and budget. With so many models in the market, buy a top-rated device instead of struggling with the manual cleaning tools. Choose the one wisely to have a positive impression of your windows cleaning experience.

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