Waiting on a worker’s compensation claim can be a scary time. Worrying about finances, being out of work, and trying to recover is a whole lot of stress. But rest assured, there are things you can do as you wait that will help make you feel more proactive and ease that anxiety. Filling free time with smart projects and goals could go a long way in your recovery too. If you are injured and waiting on a compensation claim and unsure of your next move, read on for ideas of productive ways to pass the time.

Look for Work

As counterintuitive as it may sound, looking for other work while waiting on a worker’s compensation claim can accomplish many things. For starters, if you got hurt on a particular job or in a certain field, now might be a time to explore other career options. If your injury will change your skillset going forward, that’s just another reason to look around and see what’s out there.

After you have contacted an attorney in your area by searching for “Chicago workers compensation attorneys” online to help you through your claim, consider picking up the classifieds and keeping an eye on job boards. Job or career changes may be ahead for you and it’s always better to have a plan B going forward. In looking for job opportunities, you will not only feel proactive but could position yourself better career-wise down the road too.

Consider school or an educational program.

While you are off work, it might be a good time to get more training. A trade, degree, skill, or even classes on how to manage your finances or how to spruce up your resume could be perfect ways to fill your free time now. Between doctor’s appointments and meeting with your lawyers and filing paperwork, you will want something to keep your mind off of mounting bills. Learning something new is a productive way to do that.

Brainstorm streams of passive income.

If your income is stressing you out, there’s a way to help yourself both now and in the future. Look into ways to make passive income. Whether you have hobbies that you enjoy, skills to teach, or even large social media platforms; explore the options that will bring you additional gig money to pay the bills. For example, if you are a crafter or train enthusiast who likes teaching people, you could begin making YouTube videos on topics like hobbies that raise your IQ. Uploading daily will quickly get you to the thousand subscribers it takes to monetize your channel. And, when you return to work that passive income will still be rolling in for you.

Other forms of passive income besides being an influencer or content creator include mobile advertising, affiliate marketing, and even real estate investing. Now might be a great time to look into any of these moneymakers. Advertisers will pay you to put a logo magnet on your vehicle if they like your driving habits. That next trip to the doctor’s office could mean money for you. Likewise, spending one night working to build a website for affiliate marketing could pay off huge going forward. Instead of waiting around watching television and napping, use your time waiting on a claim to set up passive revenue streams that will do the working for you.

While the wait can be a frustrating one, using your time off efficiently now could add up to big results by the time you are ready to go back to work. Whether it’s new training, skills, or even sharing those things with others, you’ll feel better sooner if you’re helping yourself.

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