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Good Prices For Contact Lenses Without A Prescription

Eye health has always been a topic of concern for today's generation. Enhanced screen time due to work and television causes a lot of strain to the eyes, particularly when your vision is deteriorating. Eye care products are always suggested to be picked very carefully picked to ensure a strong vision. Are you too looking forward to buying your first contact lens? This article will let you through all the
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Keeping Your Pets Safe and Sound During Stormy Weather Conditions

Stormy weather isn’t nice for anyone, but it’s even worse for our four-legged friends who don’t always know what’s going on. From the miserable wet weather conditions to the loud crashed of thunder and wind, it can all be quite scary for our pets so it’s important to keep them safe and sound throughout. There are lots of different things to bear in mind when it comes to your pet
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Money: How To Build A Portfolio For A Range Of Different Outcomes

The future is more than likely to be uncertain. It's important to build portfolios for a variety of possible outcomes, instead of focusing on a single expectation and/or forecast. An umbrella fund investment could be a solution for an employer to safeguard his/her employees’ financial future. Over the past three years, the fixed interest asset class has been the top performer in South Africa. The All Bond Index (ALBI) and money market assets returned 8.9% and 7.4% respectively, in comparison to the lower returns of the FTSE/JSE All Share Index (ALSI) at 5.1% and inflation at 4.7% over the period. Using cash as a base A savvy investment manager should start your investment on a blank slate, meaning 100% cash. He/she will then select investments that based on normal valuations should outperform cash with a margin of safety. The same process can be applied when allocating assets offshore, and this can be very valuable, serving as cover for the uncertainty of the future. South Africa is a comparatively small emerging market with a current and fiscal account deficit which traditionally have been funded by overseas investors. However, should funding be withdrawn due to loss of faith in the government’s ability to control the deficit, it could affect fixed interest investments. Even though it’s a hypothetical example of a future path, it should be taken into account when building a portfolio and choosing between international or local investments that could otherwise have similar expected returns.   Weighing up long-term opportunities from a variety of assets Don’t let market fluctuation sway you from investing in an asset class or share; if it’s not performing well today, it doesn’t mean it will stay that way in the future. A lot can depend on the investment managers, if they invest in shares contrary to popular opinion and/or current practice, with the intent of outperforming in the long term, they can be more susceptible to periods of under performance.  If investment managers invest in shares they felt were undervalued, and these subsequently fell further in value, should their valuation remain unchanged, the potential