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Wheelchair Lift in Dallas: 4 Benefits of Having One at Home

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Family members, friends, and guests who have mobility concerns have difficulty visiting places without disabled access lifts. Make it easy to them by increasing the mobility at your home with a wheelchair lift. Home wheelchair lifts and access lifts have become famous for over the past few years, and residential lift installation is more prevalent today.

Home lifts are not considered to be luxury. They’re needed by you, your loved ones, or visitors who have mobility issues. At some point, you may have elderly family members, disabled friends, or loved ones who have just got out of the hospital because of injury or surgery. Having a residential lift installed at home is essential to the safe and easy movement of persons with mobility issues.

Here are ways to help improve their quality of life and well-being:

1. Gives Freedom to Move Around

Moving from one room to another can be stressful if you’re someone who requires a wheelchair. Accessing the lower stories of your home both outdoors and indoors is impossible without getting help. Residential lifts can help you with these features:

● The stairs can be transformed into a suitable lifting platform to give you the freedom to move around. They enable you to travel on all floors without the cost and construction of an elevator shaft.

● Wheelchair lifts are mounted on the wall of your step threads and run on standard 120V of power.

● You can find wheelchair lifts that can accommodate all staircases (curved or straight), like what you’ll find on this website.

● The platform can be moved up and down with a screw drive featuring a large nut and screw.

● A hydraulic drive pump effectively pumps the fluid inside and outside of the hydraulic cylinder, moving the platform for a quieter and smoother ride.

● Intuitive controls allow you to move around or enter and exit with ease.


2. Promotes Safe Mobility

Even just a single step can present a considerable amount of challenge for a wheelchair user. A wheelchair lift gives you a great solution and peace of mind for safe mobility outside or inside your home. Here are some nice-to-know things to prove that wheelchair lifts can promote safe usage:

● Wheelchair lifts have wireless remotes to help you move with confidence and feel safe while you’re recovering from a medical condition or a major leg injury. It helps in raising you from the group, providing you easy access to the other difficult areas of your home.

● Wheelchair lifts have sensor systems to ensure that the unit stops whenever it meets an obstacle. For instance, an underpan sensor found on the bottom of the wheelchair lift stops when it meets obstructions underneath.

● Electro-mechanical locks and emergency stop button for door or gates prevent your door from opening whenever the unit is operating.

● Battery-powered or manual lowering feature allows the unit to be lowered safely even in the event of power failure.


3. Increases Your Home’s Value

A house with an installed wheelchair lift is considered a monetary asset which pays off in the long run. It adds a unique feature that promotes functionality and aesthetic value. Make sure to choose the fixtures and materials that complement your home’s design. Residential lifts have become mainstream home products which are beneficial for the long term value of your home.

Here are your residential lift options so you can choose one based on your home’s interior design:

● Passenger Lift. This lift is a type of traditional passenger lift. It has automatic sliding doors and enclosed cabins. It is easy and quick to use without requiring you to leave your wheelchair behind.

● Step Lift. It is a popular option because it is aesthetically pleasing. It helps wheelchair users easily navigate flights of stairs. Stair lifts can be installed outdoors and indoors.

● Platform Lift. It consists of a platform that lowers and raises via traction or hydraulic system that easily transports a wheelchair.


4. Easy to Install and Compact

Wheelchair lifts don’t take up too much living space. They’re a more attractive option as compared to ramp installations. A wheelchair lift can installed in a corner or on the stairs based on your home features or your preference. Also, you don’t have to worry about the mess and lengthy construction brought about by ramps or other complex mobility structures.



Wheelchair lifts allow you to be in full control of your life. You don’t have to invest in expensive or major home renovations. It’s now possible to convert your home into a wheelchair-friendly home with the help of affordable and functional wheelchair lifts. Indeed, wheelchair lifts can make people’s lives easier.

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