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Laminate is considered to be one of the most popular floor coverings, and this, in turn, determines the requirements for caring for it. In this regard, it is essential to reveal the topic of how to choose a vacuum cleaner for a laminate to a buyer. Such household appliances are convenient to use, can save time on cleaning, keep the attractiveness of the floor for many years, if you take a responsible approach to the purchase.

The main types of vacuum cleaners for laminate flooring

Today, in stores you can buy various kinds of vacuum cleaners, which can be successfully cleaned and used for laminate flooring:

  • The bestseller of vacuum cleaner: Among the main advantages are efficient in terms of maintaining cleanliness and versatility. Among the minuses are a rather high price and large dimensions.
  • A traditional vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning is good for its maneuverability, accuracy in relation to the coating, affordable price. The disadvantages include the inability to guarantee the same cleanliness as after wet cleaning.
  • Vacuum cleaner robots are compact and maneuverable, quite effective, but they can cope with their tasks only in space without obstacles to their movement. Plus, they have a reasonably high cost.

What kind of laminate do you have? And why is this important?

That wet cleaning is considered the most high-quality and reliable, but the laminate should be treated very carefully when it comes to cleanliness in this format since some types of flooring can swell from the slightest contact with the liquid. Examine which laminate you have, and only after that, think about which vacuum cleaner to choose for the laminate:

  • Wet cleaning for DPL laminate (the so-called direct lamination technology) is strongly discouraged.
  • HPL coating (it is created using high-pressure technology) is not so “finicky,” and it has increased resistance to moisture, but it is better to refrain from wet cleaning more often than once every 7 days.
  • You can safely order a washing unit in the online store if you have a CPL laminate, which is produced by continuous pressure. It is almost waterproof.
  • Also, in this matter, you will be pleased with the DPR laminate (direct printing), but you should not wash it too often.
  • But the floor covering made by the caching method does not accept moisture in any of its manifestations, so only a dry rag or special detergent is suitable for cleaning as if you would not like the opposite.

Use of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning:

Continuing advice on this topic, I would like to briefly note the specifics of the purchase of vacuum cleaners that perform dry cleaning. This option is not so popular since the efficiency of the process is markedly reduced. Nevertheless, high-quality units are quite capable of coping with the task, since the laminate has a particular protective layer that repels dirt, which allows you to get rid of it without even using water or a special detergent. Moreover, it has already been said that some types of laminate, in another way, do not accept.

When buying such models, you should pay attention to the presence of a particular mop in the kit, plus, pre-stock a set with liquids designed to care for the flooring, napkins are also useful. If your choice falls on ultramodern smart devices, then they will choose the optimal mode for cleaning.

The best brands and their offers:

Before you choose a vacuum cleaner for a laminate, study the manufacturers rating. This will allow you to significantly save time and be sure that the purchased model will 100% satisfy all your needs. In our store, in the online catalog, there are a lot of exciting models from manufacturers from around the world. There are budget options and ultramodern multifunctional. Naturally, their price will vary, depending on the capabilities, appearance, and brand.

The most common and favorite brands by buyers are undoubted:

Best Mops for Tile Floors is the best option increasingly in demand, but it is best to buy it when you are confident in the high quality of your laminate.

Budget models can be very high quality, but still, they can’t guarantee the safety of the floor for a long time. It is much more desirable and practical to purchase a model from the middle price segment or premium to be calm about the fate of the laminate.

To summarize

We can say with absolute certainty that it is most convenient to clean a laminate with a washing vacuum cleaner if the flooring allows you to do this. In this review, we examined key issues, how to choose the right unit for cleaning, what aspects to pay attention to, and in conclusion, I want to once again generalize the main factors:

  • We check if your type of laminate can be processed using water/liquid.
  • We choose a vacuum cleaner, starting with its technical characteristics, in its price range. Fortunately, our assortment is more than extensive.
  • We also recommend that you read customer reviews to form a final and objective opinion about a product.
  • We are sure that after reading the review, it will be easy for you to decide how to choose a vacuum cleaner for the laminate.

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