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The NFL Wild Card Round is over, and it didn’t disappoint.

Whether it was the Cleveland Browns scoring a defensive touchdown on the very first play or the LA Rams upsetting the Seattle Seahawks, Week 18 set up the final rounds of the 2021 National Football League season perfectly.

Of course, the big question remains – which team will lift the trophy at Super Bowl LV?

Anything can happen in football, so there are no guarantees, even with the most-potent offenses and solid defenses. Still, it’s exciting to think about the first Sunday in February and what it might bring. Here’s who we think has an opportunity to take home the bacon.

The Kansas City Chiefs – The Boss

It would be contrary to look past the Kansas City Chiefs. The reigning champions are obviously a force to be reckoned with, as highlighted by their number one ranking in the AFC. The franchise’s 14-2 finish to the regular season makes them the highest-ranked side in the entire Football League, so they are the ones to beat.

With Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, they are going to be hard to beat. Plus, the run-in is pretty favorable after Cleveland beat Pittsburgh. They have had some awkward match-ups though, most noticeably in defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders and close wins against the Panthers, Buccaneers and Saints, so their place in the final isn’t promised.

The New Orleans Saints – The QB Slots

The New Orleans Saints aren’t unfamiliar with the post-season fixture list. They’ve been reaching the play-offs ever since they won their first championship in 2010, and they are sure to be a lot to handle for any team. It’s not just the fact that they have Drew Brees, a legendary quarterback who is still as accurate as he is wily. It’s the addition of Taysom Hill.

The two have become so interchangeable that watching New Orleans is like playing slots at your favorite online casino – you never know what you’re going to get, but the result is always exciting and exhilarating.

The additional weapon in their arsenal has made this franchise more potent than ever – the pair threw for a near combined 4,000 yards, and 28 touchdowns – and even Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might struggle to outscore them. With wide receiver Michael Thomas and running back Alvin Kamara back in the lineup, they have the potential to go deep.

The Buffalo Bills – The Play-Off Casino

Yes, we know that there hasn’t been any mention of the Green Bay Packers, which is rough considering they have the LA Rams at home, a record of 13-3 and an in-form Aaron Rodgers.

However, in some ways, the Bills are somewhat similar to wagering in an online casino. Even though the odds might be with the house, you have a feeling you will win, and if you do, you win big. Plus, the ride is always entertaining, whatever the result.

The fact they boast an identical record to Green Bay highlights how well they have done in a red-hot AFC division. Let’s face it – their hopes rest on Josh Allen. The Bills will go as far as the young QB can carry them, which, with Steffon Diggs and Gabe Davis by his side, could be all the way to the showstopper in Feb.

No one should bet against the Chiefs to make it back-to-back titles. However, the Saints, Bills and Packers are all in contention if Kansas City slips up.


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