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If you are into finger skateboarding, you might have come across professional fingerboards. You can find a range of pro fingerboard decks from brands like Boliie Fingerboards, Berkinwood, and more! This hype behind pro fingerboards is due to good reasons, like their good quality and increasing demand. Furthermore, one question that might have stuck in your mind while buying pro fingerboards is, ‘Why are fingerboards so expensive?’ Well, in a nutshell, a professional fingerboard and all fingerboard products by reputed sellers are handmade and guarantee 100% quality material and craftsmanship.

Here, we’ll discuss in detail why pro fingerboards cost you more? Are they worth the cost? So, let’s get started!

What Does A Fingerboard Set Consist Of?

Generally, a complete fingerboard set consists of fingerboard trucks, wheels, and a wooden fingerboard deck. Nowadays, fingerboard brands also collaborate with multiple designers and commit to satisfying the performance of the skateboard. Also, the manufacturers provide the fingerboard fans with multiple choices of fingerboards that come with unique designs. 

Why Are Fingerboards So Expensive?

Fingerboard skateboard decks are made from high-quality wood. The shape and form of fingerboards are carefully optimized for fingerboarding. These qualities ensure the durability of the fingerboards. Also, as discussed above, fingerboard manufacturers collaborate with graphic designers to provide the players with a choice to buy custom fingerboards. They customize fingerboards according to the customers’ needs and present designer fingerboard sets on the website that give high value.

Fingerboard Graphics

Fingerboard suppliers often come up with fingerboard decks with graphics. Be it a special graphic, or pro model, each of the graphics needs to be designed properly for the right deck sizes. Then, these graphics are tested for quality and color consistency. 

If you have ever tried to craft fingerboard decks by yourself, you already know the most important part is pressing the wood into shape. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the right amount of pressure is applied to the fingerboard deck. This is the step when the deck experiences the most pressure during construction. 

Once the fingerboard is in proper shape, the deck is cut, refined, and polished manually. At this phase, it is important to make sure that all fingerboard decks are intact and functional. When each of the decks has the right width and shape, they drill holes for fingerboard trucks. Finally, the logo is engraved into the top and graphics are applied.

Fingerboard Trucks

Fingerboard trucks consist of different parts that are assembled manually with utmost care. The manufacturers work with professional fingerboarders or engineers to create a durable fingerboard truck to make finger skateboarding a great experience. 

Producing the right locknuts, hangers, etc., is another challenge. The pivot cup and kingpin are assembled to each truck’s base. This is done to ensure the right fit. The next step is to assemble the hanger and insert the threaded rod into the hollow hanger. Each pack of fingerboard trucks is packed and sealed by the assembler. After that, it is made available for purchase. 

Fingerboard Wheels

Fingerboard wheels are an important part of fingerboard setup. Different finger skateboarders have different fingerboarding needs. So, the fingerboard suppliers introduce wheels of different shapes and sizes. Moreover, each wheel is assembled manually, and is equipped with a quality bearing wheel. Though it seems easier, it involves a lot of careful work. Imperfections need to be checked, bearings should fit nicely in the wheels, and ridges need to be smoothened.

Thus, it takes considerable time to create a complete fingerboard set. From pressing the deck to packing each set, there are so many things to keep in mind throughout the process. This is the reason why pro fingerboards are a bit expensive. But good quality fingerboard sets will never cease to amaze you with their functionality. Thus, they are worth it.

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