Thanks to applications on your smartphone, you can book a hotel room in a few clicks, plan a route, buy air tickets and so on. People can find the best place in an unknown city or book trip.

It is a convenient and effective tool for working with the target audience. It helps to automate business processes, and business development in general.

Travel applications include:

  • Yandex and Google maps;
  • planners of trips;
  • information about available Wi-Fi;
  • selection and booking of rooms in hotels;
  • tickets booking;
  • information about the nearest cafes, restaurants, and other establishments with certain options;
  • aggregators of tours according to the specified parameters;
  • forums on tourism topics.

What are the benefits of apps, done by the travel software company

The application provides several advantages at once:

  • Improving the quality of services provided.
  • App is economical for the customer. But at the same time it’s an effective way to inform customers of all the necessary information about their services.
  • Maintaining the image at a high level. Travel software development company takes into consideration main features of the company.
  • New clients attraction.

Focus on attracting and retaining tourists

Travel apps are the next step in travel and leisure planning.

The use of mobile applications is especially convenient when traveling. Whether it is a business trip or a long-awaited vacation.

Statistic information about apps

Travelers are actively looking for last-minute tours and accommodation options for one night. And they don’t want to make prior reservations. The advent of mobile platforms made it much easier to spontaneously book a weekend trip, with 89% of all traffic coming from searches.

Tour operators offer apps for bookings. The users delay ordering until the last minute. Travelers get used to different communication channels. So retailers from the tourism segment must make the booking process as simple as possible from any device, as well as introduce cross-device into their strategy. The user can book a last-minute tour from the most convenient device.

Also, the study found that the conversion rate in the travel segment is higher than in the retail industry as a whole: in applications, its values ​​are 5 times higher than in mobile versions, and 2 times higher than on desktop computers.

32% of all bookings with supplier companies start with a click on another device, which indicates the importance of analyzing user habits to improve mobile versions.

Travelers are not planning a small vacation at the computer: 33% of overnight bookings were found through apps.

The segment continues to grow: 45% of online tour operator bookings are made from mobile phones (only 16% from providers).

For more than half of last-minute bookings are used mobile phones.

For travel software development companies these are great benefits.

Simplification of use and booking

It is assumed that shortly a person will be directly connected with his smartphone. All functions and all information from our gadgets will go directly to our brain. And while many inventors are working on it, people are wasting time on seemingly useless applications such as a low-frequency wave mosquito repeller, a watermelon ripener, a bubble wrap simulator, or an app that visually transforms a smartphone screen into a glass of beer.

In short, the relevance of mobile application development is growing not only every year but every month. Hundreds of new mobile applications are released on online platforms every day. It would seem difficult to come up with something new, but good development in collaboration with good marketing can bring a lot of money to the creator, whose ratings continue to grow at lightning speed.

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