In the reign of concrete, with greeneries diminishing in townships and metropolitan cities, life sometimes seems like an autumn leaf, lifeless, pale and without the touch of green. It is true that just like you most people crave for the touch and essence of nature in their daily life, but a few pots of plants and florals inside the four walls cannot offer you the complete feel and neither can you expect to have lush green lawns sprawling around where every inch has been taken over by concretes. Fake grass is something which compensates the feel of loss to a great extent. While most people believe that these artificial turfs are used only in playgrounds, you can definitely move beyond that to install these fake grasses in your apartment balcony, terrace, roof terrace, backyard or even front yard.

What is Fake Grass?

As the name suggests, these are not real grass, which you need to grow, water, and mow from time to time. These are artificial in nature, and here are few facts about artificial grass which will make it easier for you to understand them.

  • The fake grass is artificially made grass like carpet in which the grass leaves are made from plastic, and most of these artificial grasses are designed by polyethylene, polypropylene or polyamide. They are completely toxic free and safe for your children.
  • It is indeed very easy to install since these come in the form of carpet like sheets. All you need to do is spread them over the floor or area where you plan to design a lawn like space.
  • The sheets of fake grass are perfect for balconies, terraces and even roof terraces. You can buy them according to your requirement of length of the grass, density, softness.
  • Artificial grass carpets are built over foam, in order to establish the natural soft feeling that you get when you step on to a real grass lawn.

So you do not need to spend any additional maintenance cost on your small balcony and terrace, and you can easily design a small garden on these open areas. Artificial grasses can save your valuable time because you do not need to prune these grasses on weekend, which is a major headache for natural turf.

Essential Drainage Design

When you speak about fake grass carpets, these are made for not only balconies but also lawns, backyards, patios, pool side and so on. This is the reason why these are built in a way to sustain all kind of weather. Now, when you think of installing this fake grass in balconies, patios, pool side then these areas have a general drainage design, which does not allow water to stand. You can also plan to lay drainage tiles before installing the artificial grass, so as to ensure in time of rain, or for pool side spaces, water does not stand underneath the carpet.

  • In case if your drainage design is not perfect, you can either install drainage tiles, get the floor checked by drainage designing professionals.
  • If it is not possible you can roll up the carpet on a routine basis to keep the surface below dry. It especially important for those planning to use fake grass carpet over wooden deck.

A patio or a balcony is essentially an outdoor space used for relaxation, or teatime gatherings, or just for a break. Nowadays when you have limited outdoor space in apartments, houses, flats, and even in commercial spaces, fake grass can instill the soothing feeling of being close to nature.

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