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Why is Email Marketing Important In This Digital Era

In this new era of technology where everything is being digitalized even digital marketing has taken a great rise. There are many forms of digital marketing of which one of the most important tends to be Email Marketing.

Email marketing makes you interact with the targeted audience on a one on one basis and to make that happen in a perfect way Designmodo email builder is what you need.

Your email needs to speak out to the audience and make a positive interaction for which it needs to be attractive with useful templates.

Designmodo provides such attractive, unique and useful templates free of cost. Now, you dont need to know any special kind of coding for a better interactive mail. Designmodo with all its experienced manpower and experts have created plugins for you to easily do so.

Before we move further lets know the exact meaning of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a marketing where you send interesting and attractive email to the targeted audience in order to convert them into a buyer for sale or advertise something.

Results show that this marketing has shown highest form of conversions in the world or Ecommerce. 33% of the total email sent with proper templates are converted into a sale.

The type of marketing is not only cheap but also result delivering.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Increases Traffic – Email Marketing helps you to increase the traffic of your website or page. And, increased traffic results in better results whether in terms of sale, viewership, etc.

Target Audience – Email Marketing helps you to reach your target audience one on one. You can target a particular set of audience or viewers and reach to them personally which will help a lot to increase your conversion rate.

Convenient – Email marketing is one of the cheapest form of marketing. Along with being the cheapest it is the most profitable and higher result delivering form of marketing.

Permanent – Email Marketing generally interacts with the customer or viewer who go ahead with the email in such a way which makes most of them your permanent ones. And every business need permanent customers to last.

So, Email Marketing has many benefits and you can reach all the aims and objectives of marketing with it.

Designmodo provides you with free templates which make your emails attractive and engaging for better outcomes.

You just have to sign in with your name, last name and email id and you’re good to go. No one out there provides such good service for free.


Email marketing tends to attract and engage more than any other forms of marketing and when one wants to promote or sell products online, Email Marketing is a must in today’s era of digitalization.

Results too show that how profitable it can be when done correctly.

So, what are you waiting for? go ahead and start over with DesignModo.

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