SAFe, agile certifications

Organizations nowadays need to learn much more about some of the latest changing innovative technology and economic conditions or they will become much more extinct, no matter what would be the smarts, strength or size. This even helps to provide with the businesses that don’t also consider themselves the software or Information technology companies. Financial services, government entities, professional services, and even the healthcare institutions are much more dependent on their ability to produce with some of the new latest technology-based products and services.

Organizations that really understand the urgency to work at a faster pace and high speed and always looks to change their way of working will surely succeed in the market. Those who don’t struggle will remove away from the market. Some of the companies that have been faded away from the market are: Compaq, Kodak, Borders, Palm consulting, Blockbuster, Tower Records were all some of the iconic companies in the market leader that were not able to adopt the latest and innovative technology and business models ahead of their market segment and competitors.

The Scaled Agile Framework helps the organization to pop out some of the hard-working challenges of delivering and building up an organization software and systems in the shortest period of time in a more reliable way. It is a free, and online revealed knowledge base of proven success patterns for implementing with some of the Lean-Agile software and systems at a large scale.

SAFe, agile certifications have a power of Agile with the systems that are having features of a lean and thinking product development. It synchronizes the delivery, collaboration and alignment for the multiple purposes of teams. SAFe helps to provide the dramatic improvement into the agility of the business, which even includes the quality, productivity, employee engagement and time to market. 

SAFe helps to provide with the configurable and scalable in the organization to observe some of its own business needs. It even supports the smaller scale solutions that employees more than 150 practitioners, as well as with some of the complex systems that require the hundreds of people in the same network.

Here are some of the main values which are under the SAFe:


Alignment is nowadays required on high priority to keep a pace with the disrupt competitive forces, geographical teams and fast change. Agile teams work in good, but with respect to the power for the alignment and strategy cannot even work with the collaboration of teams.

Quality in learning

Quality is one of the things which is required as of now in the market for any application, so build in quality also make sure that every increment and element of the solution shows up the standards which are required into the software development lifecycle. Building quality is a type of lean and flows without the organization will also likely to operate with some of the unverified and unvalidated work in large batches.

Program Execution

None of the SAFe framework matters if teams can’t be even able to continuously execute and deliver on time. Moreover, SAFe, agile certifications help to make you learn with an intense focus on business outcomes and working systems. 

Which of the 3 SAFe Certifications is Right for You?

There are three SAFe, agile certifications which are available as of now:

     1.    SAFe Agilist Certification

Training and preparing for the SAFe certification will provide with a well-rounded with the help of foundations in all things for the team members, scrum master and managers or anyone else which are directly involved in a leading our Agile development. It also provides with an excellent basis for a strategic career path within the environment provided by the Agile, as SAFe Practitioner is much more recommended to a higher level of certifications for the coaching, training and management positions.

SAFe certification

StarAgile provides the SAFe Agilist certification course as a preparatory team for the certification.

  1. SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification

SAFE Program Consultant Certification helps to illustrate and Agile Practitioner qualifications to launch the Agile release trains, who want to become Agilists and SAFE Practitioner. It is also much more recommended that a candidate for the certification of SPC has also been certified for the SAFe practitioner with at least three years of experience in the environment of Agile development.

  1. SAFe Product Manager/Product Owner (PM/PO) Certification

The training which has been preceding the Safe Product Owner/Product Manager certification exam is highly explicitly designed for the purpose of Agile Management in mind as it is also focused on a leading charge of SAFe from a product owner role. It is highly focused on delivering the release of a sprint, managing the backlogging, prioritize the tasks in the organization, and management of stakeholder as it relates to a scaling Agile. It is also highly recommended that students who are seeking out with the Product Manager/Product Owner certification have also got a certification of SPC certification.

If you are still confused and want to know more about the SAFe, agile certification, then call or email the StarAgile helpdesk, and we will be delighted to help you serve better.

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