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As you move towards a vegan diet, the number of protein sources will reduce significantly. But you can’t also neglect this nutrient due to its functions in the body. That is why you need to look for protein supplements. While a general protein powder can be beneficial in this case, various factors make organic protein powder much better than it. These aspects include:

#1 Offers Various Nutrients

When it comes to a general protein powder, you can only think of getting protein from it. On the other hand, an organic alternative offers you various additional nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. It means you can easily manage your health without much hassle of taking care of every meal. If you fail to get a balanced diet, this will be bliss for you as you can conveniently get the essential minerals and vitamins from the powder.

#2 pH Balancing

Excessive consumption of meat and carbs can lead to gastric issues because these food items have acidic nature. This also disturbs your stomach’s pH, leading to more severe problems because your body begins taking minerals from bones or other places. If you don’t wish to go through this trouble, you should switch to an organic protein powder. These are alkaline, and therefore, keep the pH of your body well-balanced.

#3 No Side Effects

A general protein may be your primary choice when it comes to protein supplements. However, you must know that these products contain several allergens, such as dairy, gluten, soy, and grains. These can cause allergic reactions and make you sick. Contrastingly, organic protein powders are usually free from all these elements. Hence, there are little to no chances of having allergies due to them, and you can consume them without any worries.

#4 Rich Source Of Fiber

There is a specific category of general protein powders that you can use as meal replacements to lose excess weight. But these powders don’t naturally make you feel full, which organic protein powders can do. As these options contain natural fibers, they can keep you full for longer. Hence, making you healthier and lean naturally. Plus, fiber offers various other health benefits to you. You can also lookup for meal replacements variants of organic powder for better gains.

#5 Easily Absorbed

The general protein powders can be quite problematic for your body to digest. That is why they remain in your digestive system for a longer duration. In case you have a low metabolism, the process further slows down. However, there is no such problem with organic powders. They are much more convenient to break, process, and absorb. Thus, the body can use them for better cell growth and muscle repairs.


Along with all these benefits, organic protein powders are also environment friendly because it takes much fewer resources to produce them. It isn’t the same with general protein powders. So you must choose organic over general powders. But remember to pick only the correct protein powder according to your health requirements. Only then can you obtain the desired advantages from it.

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