It’s no secret that the first impressions are formed within the first ten seconds or less after meeting someone new. It’s also said that the first things others notice about us are our nails, hair, and – you guessed it – teeth.

A healthy, and more importantly, authentic smile, is one of the first things individuals look for in their potential partners. It’s also one of the most powerful gestures we can use to make ourselves more friendly, and therefore, more attractive. The question is: Why do we find smiles so attractive? What is it that makes them so alluring, and why are they considered the secret to success? Below, four ways showing off your pearly whites can make you more charming.

It’s a sign of happiness, which is alluring

When we see a person smiling, we usually associate the gesture with a feeling of happiness. That said, a smile may not always be genuine and there are various reasons why a person may be smiling. Still, smile is usually something we use to illustrate happiness, and that can be very alluring to the opposite sex.

This is further supported by a Canadian study in which the participants were asked to rate the level of attractiveness. The individuals of the opposite sex that were shown to the participants were captured in four different poses. In one they were happy, in the other they were proud, in the third picture they were ashamed, and in the last one they had a neutral expression. Out of these four poses, “happy” female individuals were rated as most attractive. As for their male counterparts, those that were “proud” were just one point above “happy” men.

It makes you look healthier, and therefore, more attractive

Another major reason why we find smiles so attractive is the simple fact that it makes us appear healthier. Many of us put a lot of thought and effort into reaching the correct BMI and/or enhancing our natural features with makeup. Well, according to experts, a happy, healthy, and genuine smile can be equally effective, if not even more. According to a study conducted by the Swansea University psychologist, individuals who display genuine smiles are perceived as much healthier.

That said, some individuals may feel self-conscious due to missing teeth in visible spots. In that case, getting dental implants could be just what you need to complete your smile. That way, you’ll be able to show off your pearly whites with confidence instead of them holding you back. Sometimes, a simple smile is all you need when it comes to accessories, and as long as you keep yours healthy, you’ll manage to make yourself appear healthier, and therefore, more attractive.

It’s a way to connect with others

friends smile Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

When we think of one universal way we can connect with other people around us, we think of a smile. And there’s a good explanation for that, too. The smile is the language we all speak and understand, a way to acknowledge those around us and let them know that they do matter. Even if it comes from someone that we don’t know, a kind smile can still make us feel better.

A smile also makes you more dateable, especially when it comes to online dating apps. Studies show that whether a person swipes left or right depends on whether the person in the photograph is smiling. The bigger the smile, the bigger the chances of you getting “liked” on online dating apps, especially if you’re male.

It’s a reward of sorts

Last but not least, it’s important to mention the connection between smiling and brain activity. When we see someone who’s smiling, our brain activity increases. Our brain starts releasing feel-good chemicals as well as activating reward centers, and we’re gently prompted to return this “favor”. Because of that, a genuine smile can be seen as a reward of sorts that both persons benefit from.

This claim is further supported by the study conducted by the Association for Psychological Science from 2003. By using MRIs, scientists found that the orbitofrontal cortex activated when the participants looked at attractive faces. Their brain activity increased when the same attractive faces were shown sporting a smile. This just goes to show that a smile indeed is the best makeup you can wear – and it costs nothing!

Wrapping up

A smile is a powerful gesture, one that can make you appear better-looking instantly. It helps establish ourselves as approachable, friendly, and trustworthy, which can benefit us both in our personal and professional lives. 

And the more you do it, the more reasons you’ll find to continue smiling. Therefore, sport a big grin, be confident, and enjoy your day – you might just brighten someone else’s!

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