With Labor Day having come and gone, the unofficial end of summer has unofficially happened. With that the so-called traditional wedding season has also come and gone. Or has it?

When one thinks of weddings, and wedding season, images of sun-kissed beaches, or picturesque spring settings drenched in glowing golden light. Or we picture churches packed to the rafters from February till May. And, lets not even get started on the summer months of June, July and August.

With all things trendy, hip and cool in The Age of Social Media and millennials, getting married isn’t the same as when our parent and grand-parents got married. Today, it’s about putting on a show across social media in talking about popping the question to announcing the location to getting that perfect selfie. While most still prefer the “traditional” wedding and settings, there is a growing trend of off-season “winter weddings”.

Some may bristle at getting married during the months of November and December, but there is a certain kind of magic and beauty in having settings of snow-covered pine trees, white-silver fashion hues during the holidays.

While summer can offer near-perfect images that are Instagrammable, winter weddings can give it a run for its money with holiday-themed weddings on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day. Throw in some mistletoe, holiday ornaments and the perfect dusting of snow, and you have the kind of wedding that will give everyone a case of #FOMO.

If you’re a couple looking for that perfect venue to say “I do” one advantage of tying the crystal knot in winter is that venues are cheaper and easier on the wallet, per Guides for Brides, as 57% of people in a recent poll claimed that lower prices were the reason for their Winter season choice.

Besides lower prices being one of the main advantages of a winter wedding, other benefits of a frosty honeymoon, per the site are easy themes to choose from, holiday-themed magic, coinciding with special occasions—including proposing during the holidays—no weather expectations and the added magic of Christmas.

In terms of style and fashion, for men, donning a flannel-grey top coast and charcoal gray suit or jet-black tuxedo, for the blushing bride, if you’re looking for the best in your search for mermaid style wedding dresses or looking to buy your bridal dress online, winter weddings provide a unique style canvas to choose from as white, silver and silver-gray will likely be your choices.

Whatever you choices are, or wherever you say your vows before God and your family, summer or winter, weddings are meant to be your day, regardless of season.

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