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While so many people worldwide wish to be a success, only a few people like Pele Francis achieve that dream by working hard and making sacrifices. Along with many of those hard-working people, Pele Francis used to work 60 hours a week. He had a job where he earned a reasonable salary, but he was not satisfied and knew if he wanted a life of luxury, he’d have to create it himself. Pele since devoted himself to learning skills and putting them into action.

He has since built a multi million dollar empire for himself using the skills he mastered and developed. Pele has since put his entire strategy and blueprint into his online training platform: The E-Commerce Mastermind.

“This is everything I’ve learnt over the years that has worked for me! Every strategy in my course has been tried, tested and accomplished by me first.”

Pele has since trained over 300 people with his unique strategy with multiple, now millionaire students.

“Pele is a rare breed of mentor. You can tell he cares about everyone of his students. He’s a loyal friend and I’ve had the pleasure of spending a fair amount of time around Pele. What’s clear to me is that Pele genuinely loves to see others succeed. Its what motivates him, Its what makes him happiest.” – Cameron Wessels, The E-Commerce Mastermind Student.

Pele has over 115,000 followers on Instagram that he regularly posts motivating and inspiring content to. He also has started to hold private luxury events that he allows his students access to such as his upcoming New Years Eve black tie Gala event on a 130 ft super yacht.

“The feeling you get when you help someone out of a long term problem into a life of fulfillment and abundance is worth more than any amount of money.” – Pele Francis

He shared this, explaining that working in this field and helping others with his own experience fulfills and motivates him to do more.

Pele is a strong believer in the new methods of learning and believes that we all have the choice between mediocrity and abundance.

“I believe school teaches you to translate information, its then your job to which information you wish to translate into what you do.”

Most businesses require a lot of upfront capital, whereas Pele personally created his first business with less than $500. He has since showed his students how to complete the set up without having to outlay any more than a few hundred dollars.

“E-Commerce is one of the very few businesses that requires next to no capital to get started.” – Pele.

Pele can relate to his students struggles because he has once been there himself. His main advice for those starting out in entrepreneurship is to never take no for an answer.

“In the age were living more people are doing the impossible, Elon Musk is a big hero of mine because he’s someone that has done exactly what he wanted to do no matter how many people told him his dreams were stupid. Never give up on your dreams.” – Pele Francis

You can learn more about Pele Francis and The E-Commerce Mastermind by clicking the link below. 

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