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Why You Should Earn a Personal Training Certification Before Getting Employed at the Gym

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By Thomas Sujain

Have you always been fascinated by the strength and fitness of gym instructors? Are you a fitness enthusiast yourself and have always liked spending time on the treadmill?

If it is so, you might have a great career as a personal trainer waiting for you. However, note that just being a fitness enthusiast yourself does not mean that you can start training others. To land the job of a personal trainer, you would need valid certification.

Besides assisting bodybuilders like yourself, you will also be required to help clients who have a medical condition. Thus, to be a successful personal trainer you need to have a broad knowledge of a wide number of subjects, including an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of human muscle, physiology and psychology. Earning a certificate would assure your employer that you are capable enough to handle their responsibilities

There are many benefits of a personal training certification, the major ones of which are:

Hone your talents: Even though you are already aware of various fitness techniques, there are still skills to be acquired that can prepare you sufficiently for a career in the personal training sector. Enrolling in a certification program can teach you all that you need to learn, thereby preparing you for the professional life.

Become an all-rounder: A certification program can show you new and varied forms of physical training so that you can cater to a wide variety of clients. The requirements of a bodybuilder would obviously be different from that of a patient who is recovering from an unfortunate accident.

Establish credibility: Receiving a certification will prove to your peers and prospective employers that you are committed to your chosen career and that you have the ability to perform. University degrees often do not cover the full range of professional knowledge. Therefore, this certification can give you a competitive edge in this evolving job market.

Opportunities for all: Enrolling for these vocational certification programs is not limited to a particular age criterion. You can do so as a student or as a working professional as long as you are of sound health and mind. You can enroll in these even if you are employed and need to expand your skills to stay valuable to your employer.

Guaranteed employment: Many certification programs promise employment right after completion of the course. This way your work is guaranteed even when you are a student.

You must be aware of a few important factors though, especially when you are considering taking up the profession of a personal trainer. Through the certification, you become eligible to serve as a personal trainer to people who are serious about staying fit.

However, certification does not equal qualification. Qualification can be achieved primarily through gaining experience.

The wise thing to do would be to serve as an assistant trainer at a reputed gym to gain more experience and expertise. Not all clients are of the same type. It is not easy to handle clients’ expectations, frustration, and demands. Moreover, each client requires a different approach.

While some need only a little guidance as they are already motivated by themselves, there are others who would look up to you as a constant source of motivation. Once you have enough experience, you can help each client satisfactorily.

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