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King single trundle beds have increased in popularity in the past few years. This is because, in addition to saving space, the beds also accommodate more than one person that is highly useful, especially when you have overnight guests and do not have extra beds for them. A trundle bed has another bed of the same size stored underneath the top one which can be pulled out for use when needed. The trundle beds are mainly single beds, but double beds are also available in the market. The King single trundle bed is a simple single bed during the day, which can be converted into a super king bed at night. There are two types of trundle beds.

Twin trundle beds

The twin trundle beds feature a second bed which rests on the first bed. These beds are suitable for children as they are easy to operate.

Full size trundle beds

These are full sized beds which come with a twin trundle bedstead. These beds can be extended to full size because of the presence of trundle.

The trundle beds are made of different materials but wood is the preferred choice for many people and is also recommended by experts. Mango, acacia, sheesham many other woods are used in the construction of trundle beds. There are many kinds of king single trundle beds available online. Some of them have been mentioned here.

trundle beds

Mango wood Trundle bed

This king single trundle bed is constructed using mango wood and features a mahogany or teak finishing. The upholstered bed looks very elegant in the bedroom and its unique design means that it does not occupy much space. The lower bed can be pulled out to get two spacious beds. The size of the lower bed can differ.

Mango wood

Sheesham wood Trundle bed

This king size trundle bed is made using Sheesham wood and has a walnut, teak and honey finishing. The divan design of the trundle bed makes it suitable for living rooms, guest bedrooms, children’s bedrooms and master bedrooms. This trundle bed is ideal for sitting and relaxing during the day and can be converted into two spacious beds during the night.

Pine wood Trundle bed

This king single trundle bed has been constructed using solid pine wood and features high quality timber slats. The trundle has a pull-out mechanism and is spacious enough to accommodate extra guests. The design of the bed also saves space. It has in-built drawers and smooth metal runners. Smooth finished edges and high quality steel fixings are other features of this bed.

Pine wood

Iron king sized trundle bed

This is a day bed with trundle available in many sizes apart from king size. It is available in many colors such as white, black, silver, gray and many more. The bed base is a strong metal tube.

Upholstered king single trundle beds

These are luxurious upholstered beds with matching trundles. The trundles can also accommodate a spring mattress for maximum comfort. High quality upholstered coverings are used in such trundle beds. The customers can also be given the choice of customizing the fabric. Luxury upholstered tufted trundle beds are also available in the market. These beds feature button tufting on the footboards and headboards.

Advantages of online stores

Apart from wide collections, the online stores offer cost effective trundle beds and even easy EMI for the customers. Many online stores also offer customization according to the customer’s needs in terms of dimensions, wood and finishing. Furthermore, many online stores also offer expert advice to the customers to guide them in selecting a suitable trundle bed.

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