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Will Smith: How The Fresh Prince Became Suicide Squad’s Deadshot

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There comes a time in every fan’s life where he/she looks at the person they follow and ask “how they do it”. For me that person is Will Smith, luckily I was old enough from the beginning to witness his rise to stardom from a rapper to, TV star, to movie star to producer.

Smith began as The Fresh Prince and along with his childhood friend, Jeffery Townes formed a two-man grouped and called themselves DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. In 1987 the duo released their first album, Rock The House which featured the hit, Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble. In 1989 they released their 2nd album, He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper which included hits, Nightmare on My Street, Brand New Funk and their breakout song, Parents Just Don’t Understand. The duo would go to record three more albums. Smith entered the entertainment business as a rapper, he would later find that fate had a different path for him.

Smith would go on to record four solo albums, but his big break came in 1990 when NBC approached him about a sitcom. Dealing with IRS issues Smith agreed to do the show, but as a newcomer he was very raw to acting. As Smith would later admit in an interview, he memorized not only his but EVERYONE’s line so he wouldn’t forget his own. Back then you could sense the dedication he gave acting.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was just a gateway to bigger things but no one knew how big it would get.

Smith may be Hollywood’s biggest star. His movies have grossed over $2 billion, as he has played everything from a wheelchair bound homeless man, to a shark, to Ali and his credits keep growing. But there is one place Smith has not been a part of until now, the comic universe. He is set to star in DC’s Suicide Squad in 2016. The hero role is not new to him thanks to his role in the hilarious Hancock but if DC is to make a run at Marvel, Smith was a great choice to help lead the charge.

As a fan of Smith’s I can’t ait to see how he does in the movie but knowing how he prepares and dedicates himself to his roles I’m pretty sure Deadshot will be a hit for himself and DC.

Not bad for a kid that turned down MIT.

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