Cleaning the home is something that we all have to do no matter what the season. Whether winter or summer, homes get dirty and they need to be cleaned up. There is no doubt about the fact that winter can add a whole lot of stress to your daily cleaning routine. The cold air, snow, moisture, and the general mess which winter brings along with it can be a real pain.

However, we have a few tips and fun facts for you, all of which might make your winter cleaning just a little bit easier.

Your Clothes

One thing to be mentioned has to do with clothes. You definitely have a closet, one that is full of old clothes that you probably don’t want to wear anymore. To clear up some much needed space in those tight closets, select the clothes you don’t wear for donation or for the trash bin. Less fortunate people will definitely appreciate this, plus it will clear up room for all of those new clothes you just got for Christmas.

Also, cleaning clothes does take up a ridiculous amount of energy. Using a washer and dryer can put a strain on your budget no doubt. Heck, heating your home during the cold months is expensive enough, so you may as well take advantage of this. Heating your home in the winter creates a very warm and often bone dry environment, one perfect for drying clothes. Instead of wasting X amount of money on the dryer just hang your clothes up in your home. They will dry fairly quickly, you will save tons of money, and the clothes end up smelling better anyway.

Your Floors – The Vacuum

When it comes to your floors, there is nothing worse than winter, especially if you have lots of kids and pets. The mess that winter brings into your home can be truly unbearable. However, you can make the cleanup routine a little easier if you have the right vacuum. Yes, robotic vacuums like Roombas are great for the summertime and drier times of the year, but they don’t do well with snow and lots of liquid. Sure, you can get a mop, but those are no fun to use. They aren’t easy to deal with and more often than not they simply end up pushing dirt around the home.

The best way to go about this is to get yourself a really good dry/wet vacuum. Most vacuums deal with dry debris with ease, but wet messes like melting snow and slush are a different story. A good wet/dry vacuum is pretty much an all in one vacuum and mop that can pick up any kind of mess, wet or dry, while also mopping your floor at the same time. It will save you lots of time, effort, and a big headache too.

The Kitchen

The other winter cleaning tip you might want to follow is to give the whole kitchen a good once over. Old food tends to pile up in the back of cupboards and fridge shelves. So, either it has gone bad, or in the case of canned goods, you will probably never end up eating them. Clean out all of the old food in your home. Throw out anything that is not usable and donate the rest to some kind of food bank. This will clear up space in your home while also providing much needed relief to impoverished families.

Winter Cleaning Guide: Conclusion

There are of course more things you can do, but when it comes to winter cleaning, these are the top 3 in our books!

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