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Women: What To Wear On Game Day

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By: Ashley M. Otero

Now that football season is in full swing and the weather is starting to change I think it would be fitting to remind everyone what to wear to the game.

On game day, it seems that these lessons are easily forgotten as women break out the heels and guys begin to wear only full body paint to these events. It is a difficult choice to decide whether one will be fully decked out or will actually stay warm, but then how do you also stay cute?!

Some of life’s riddles will never be answered. However, this one will.

Ladies first, how to stay warm, cute, and support your team all at the same time. Let’s face it, a team’s jacket can go out of style from one week to the next let alone a player’s jersey number, additionally, that kind of fan gear can hit your bank account hard. I’m not one to waste money so, I say skip the specific outerwear but that’s just my humble opinion.

Let’s start from the top and go for the gloves, earmuffs, headband and/or hat because some of the regions these games take place in will get REALLY COLD!! So it is best to keep that head covered to retain as much body heat as possible and let’s face it, everyone looks better in a hat!








New Era Baseball Cap: Not to mention that the hat can be used year round in any weather!









Gloves: I would lose these every season, if not after every game.











Furmuffs: I would lose these before the game day even started.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear...and it is scary.
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear…and it is scary.

Take the time to do your hair if you must but skip the heavy makeup, this isn’t Halloween kids. Not that it will melt off of your face but let’s give each other a break with the wearing full “Gala” makeup e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. It is annoying and yes, your pictures will most assuredly look amazing but in person, you look like an overdone orange clown.

So Over It.

Assuming you have lived in an area long enough, or have been a solid fan for a duration of time I will have to imagine that you have your fair share of team worthy items, layer those bad boys up! When it is 30 degrees out with a heavy wind chill and your team has no way of winning you will remember to thank me.

I even know certain areas where fans get cold enough that they bring team blankets, that’s cool with me – those seats get chilly. (Keep the funny business in private please.)

If we are talking about my everyday wardrobe it would be more similar to this, which are comfortable for me.
If we are talking about my everyday wardrobe it would be more similar to this, which are comfortable for me.


I mean honestly, I am not even averse to wearing a snuggie to a game if you prefer but I abhor the cold so my opinion should not be followed down this rabbit hole.

Let’s finish with the bottom with Boots. Boots. Boots.

I cannot stress this enough, skip the sky-high heels on gameday and hit those boots hard. Boots offer so much more support as well as warmth over these cold seasons and they are FANTASTIC! They can even have a heel or wedge and you still won’t feel hesitant to leap over that drunk guy who passed out while tailgating.

Now for the “gentlemen” out there!! Let’s be honest here… for guys, do whatever you want. Just try to use the correct body paint so you don’t rub off on every person you meet.

At the end of the day here is the rule of thumb on each and every gameday: make sure you are dressing for yourself and no one else. Make sure you are comfortable in your own skin and you will always be in vogue.

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