In what was feared to be one of the worst Wrestlemania of all time, quickly became one of the best with an amazing night of action from Santa Clara last night.

It didn’t fail to deliver on the hype and the fans in attendance and at home got their monies worth for every penny they spent.

Simply put, it was incredible!

– The main event was a bloodbath as Lesnar delivered 10 suplexes and 4 F5’s to the challenger Roman Reigns. It wasn’t enough to put away the hungry challenger as Reigns bounced back to bloody the champ.

Just when it looked like the upset would happen, Mr. MITB Seth Rollins raced down to cash in his title shot in the midst of the mayhem. Two curb stomps later, he was covering Reigns and became the new champion.

It was a great way to end mania. Lesnar still looks strong because he wasn’t pinned, and Roman Reigns took the beating of a lifetime and showed heart by getting up time and time again. This match was perfectly booked!

– As expected, the Intercontinental Title was won by Daniel Bryan in the ladder match. He will bring prestige back to the title and it was a surreal moment to see him celebrate afterwards with the former Hall of Famers.

– John Cena defended America and proved he can deliver no matter where they put him on the card with a big-time win over United States Champion Rusev. This match also teased the upcoming split of Rusev and Lana perfectly.

– Sting vs HHH played out exactly as I had predicted, with a ton of outside interference on behalf of both men. The DX vs NOW showdown was easily one of the best moments of the night and in Wrestlemania history.

I was right to predict the HHH win, as there is now way in the world Vince McMahon was going to allow WCW’s biggest star to win on the biggest stage of them all.

– The Andre the Giant Battle Royal was also booked perfectly, with the long awaited split of Mizdow and The Miz. Allowing the Big Show to get that elusive battle royal win was also the perfect way to award the hardworking veteran.

– The Divas match also delivered, and WWE booked it perfectly giving the win to the two most talented Divas on the roster, Paige and AJ Lee. If it is true that the Bellas are leaving soon, this would make perfect sense.

– The Undertaker looked the best he has in years, with a solid win of the new face of fear, Bray Wyatt. Look for Sting vs The Undertaker to headline Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas next year.

– How about an impromptu clash between HHH, Stephanie McMahon, The Rock and Ronda Rousey? No one saw that coming, and it may have dragged on a little long, but still a great thrill!

– Randy defeated Seth Rollins with an incredible RKO out of nowhere. This was perfectly done, because now that Rollins is the champ, Orton has the perfect segway to challenge Rollins for the title at the next couple of PPV’s.

This may have been the best Wrestlemania of all time! No one saw it coming and it was amazing. Well booked, well performed and everyone on the roster and creative team should be proud of their effort!

Until next time fight fans, No Blood : No Foul!

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