We all know that WWE will probably have Charlotte Flair win the Smackdown Woman’s title at some point. Right now she is involved in this angle where Carmella, Tamina Snuka, and Natayla interfering in every opportunity she is getting for the title. Once this feud blows over in the next few weeks, I see her going for the Smackdown title.

I am not taking away anything from what Alexa Bliss was able to do with winning the Smackdown and Raw Women’s titles, but I feel it is more impressive to win those two and the NXT woman’s title. I feel Alexa Bliss has really only started to come into her own towards the end of her NXT run when she was with Blake and Murphy and since she has been on the main roster. On the other hand, Charlotte has been at the top of the woman’s division in NXT, Raw, and her time will come soon enough on Smackdown.

I do not want people to assume that I am devaluing what Alexa Bliss did, because I am not. All I am doing is just saying that once Charlotte wins the SD title in the foreseeable future, I feel that would be more impressive. The unfortunate part for Charlotte was when she was in NXT and for her time on the main roster, she has not had her own gimmick. With who her father happens to be (Ric Flair), the WWE has played that off of his daughter.

However, in the last several months, she has almost broken away from that and shown her in-ring abilities. Personally, I see her getting the SD title around Summerslam. I say that because then it gives WWE a few months to play with this storyline. Also, since Charlotte and the current SD champion are faces and WWE wants Charlotte to be a face, I see someone like Natayla taking the title off of Naomi before Charlotte will get a shot at it.

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