As we saw last weekend, Bobby Roode retained the NXT title over Hideo Itami. While Itami will probably get one more crack at it, I can not see these two feuding that much longer. So it got me thinking as to who could possibly feud with Bobby Roode for the NXT title heading into this summer.

Here are  four superstars who could be getting a shot at the NXT title:

1- Drew McIntyre- Drew was recently brought back to the WWE after being gone for a few years. Since he has been brought back, he has been placed in quick matches to build some credibility. I feel he has enough credibility that I could see him having a program with Roode going into Takeover: Brooklyn. The promos between McIntyre and Roode can also be good that could lead to a great story telling.

2- Aliester Black- Tommy End made his first appearance at the UK special still under his name that he had during his independent run. He finally made his in-ring debut at NXT Orlando. WWE has invested a lot of on screen time that would make it clear that they want big things for him. I could see him feuding for the title in the next few months.

3- Rodrick Strong- Since he made his NXT debut, Rodrick Strong has hovered around the main event picture. He was recently in a #1 contenders match, where he lost to Hideo Itami. I could very likely see a Strong/Roode feud heading into the summer. The story line already writes itself as you have Strong who feel that he has to fight against the world and Roode who feels he is the greatest champion. This would have the making of classic heel/face feud.

4- Eric Young- This could only happen if Eric Young were to turn babyface. You have two guys who had success in Impact and it could be a great feud. However, since Young is a heel, this would be very unlikely to happen as heel vs. heel is tough to get the crowd to get behind.

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