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WWE: Lana Set To Heat Up Summerslam Storylines

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The WWE is quickly approaching their stretch run to their second biggest pay per view of the year, their annual Summerslam Card.

Look for the following storylines to continue to develop as we head towards the biggest card of the summer.

– Once Roman Reigns puts away Bray Wyatt at the upcoming Battleground PPV, all signs point to him joining in the feud with Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar over the World Heavyweight Championship. Do not be shocked if Reigns interrupts the main event this weekend, causing a three way dance to be signed to headline Summerslam for the three.

It would be a rematch of their classic bout at Wrestlemania 31 when Rollins cashed in the MITB late in the match.

– John Cena and Kevin Owens have quickly become the hottest feud in sports entertainment, look for that to continue and also for Owens to take the title off Cena. Once Owens has the belt, expect some classic matches to develop between himself and Cesaro.

– The Tag Team division will continue to struggle. It has all the depth in the world, but almost no one in the entire division can so a single promo. The New Day continued to be an epic fail.

– Look for the Divas division to heat up as the NXT callups arrived last night on Raw, and the WWE Universe is buzzing all over them.

– Doplh Ziggler vs Rusev has a world of potential to it when you mix in the two hottest woman on the roster with Lana and Summer Rae. Expect a huge push for Lana as the WWE will capitalize on her history of being in movies and also being a fitness model.

Big things to come from her very soon. If you don’t believe me on how hot this woman is, simply Google her real name CJ Perry and take a peek at her credentials

– The WWE will need to find something to do with Neville, too much talent to be wasting it on bit matches. Same goes with Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett, just far too much talent to be wasted.

– Dean Ambrose? Don’t expect him to stay quiet too much longer, look for him to make his presence felt, perhaps a re-kindling of his classic rivalry with Bray Wyatt from late last year?

– Where has Damien Sandow been?

– Until next time fight fans

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