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WWE news: Who’s Going To Challenge Neville For The Cruiserweight Title?

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Neville has been the best-booked champion on WWE programming. Although, at some point, his reign must end. The only question is, “Who’s the one to beat him?”

Say what you want about the Cruiserweight division, but Neville has been an admirable champ. After TJP, Rich Swann and The Brian Kendrick held the belts for what seemed like only weeks at a time, Neville has been on top of the pack for the better part of 2017.

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It’s due to Neville that the Cruiserweight division is flourishing, after some long battles with the WWE Universe to get over. As we look towards the future of the division, we might see a superstar finally knock off Neville and be the face of 205 Line.

With Tozawa and the Titus Brand currently fighting for the Cruiserweight belt, one can only assume these two will meet at Summerslam. If, and that’s a big if, Tozawa were to beat Neville, it would be a move WWE might have missed the mark on.

Tozawa is an outstanding wrestler, and with Titus O’Neil in his corner, he’s got the mouthpiece he needs backing him up. The only issue with Tozawa is the Cruiserweight division is full of so many other stars that are vying for the title, whether it is NXT or the main roster.

I’ll admit that Tozawa has a lot of appeal. His signature battle cry has gotten him over, and he’s a fantastic wrestler. I just think others such as Jack Gallagher, Cedric Alexander, TJP, and other non 205 wrestlers such as Aleister Black, Kalisto, and newly signed Lio Rush all are more appealing than Tozawa.

It feels as if Neville has yet to be tested in any feud. It’s similar to how Brock Lesnar gets booked. Neville needs to find his Samoa Joe in the cruiserweight division. Someone that can fight back and make it feel like losing his title is a distinct possibility.

Personally, I hope Neville keep the belt for as long as he can. Honestly, he’s one of the most over stars on the roster. Also, he’s done a stand-up job at selling himself as a massive heel. Don’t be shocked if Neville remains King of the Cruiserweights for a little longer. And until a worthy competitor comes along, he shouldn’t lose the title to anyone.

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