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In the make-believe world of WWE, the idea of Finn Balor going over in a match with Braun Strowman is something the company has to have looked at with precision. Can WWE, which has based the majority of its existence on the theory of “bigger is better” take a 190-pound wrestler and have him defeat the baddest man on the planet cleanly?

Should WWE decide to book Balor as the winner of the Fatal Five-Way match at Extreme Rules, how realistic is that kind of scenario? Does the Demon King get a little help from his friends along the way?

My friend Sarah Hirsch wrote in an article on Daily DDT the idea of the Balor Club – with the addition of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows at his side – would make the most sense in helping the former Universal Heavyweight Champion regain a title he never lost.

“Most fans know by now of Balor’s ties to the New Japan scene before making waves in NXT.  Balor was one of the biggest International stars in all of pro wrestling.  Balor was best known for his time in the notorious stable, Bullet Club,” Hirsch writes.

“His reputation speaks for itself, and he followed through the precedence as he became one of NXT’s top Superstars.  But his main roster run was cut short with a shoulder injury he sustained at last year’s SummerSlam.”

While professional wrestling has made a career of pushing a “David vs. Goliath” angle in every generation, every era in the business, I have a hard time swallowing this one. I never liked the Kevin Nash-Rey Mysterio matches or the Eric Embry-King Kong Bundy massacres from Championship Wrestling from Florida in the mid-1980s. 

For everything Balor is, which is a popular babyface with worlds of talent, he is nothing more than a cruiserweight playing in the main event sandbox. Balor would hold his own versus Samoa Joe in NXT, against Seth Rollins and even Roman Reigns. But the notion he can take down a giant like Lesnar seems a bit far-fetched by even the strongest Balor fans.

WWE hasn’t done the best in booking Gallows and Anderson – former Raw Tag Team Champions. There was a tease of a Bullet Club reunion with AJ Styles, but it never materialized. Balor teased the idea of the Balor Club when was interviewed by The Miz a few short weeks ago. It’s an angle that is worth examining.

“A surprise assist from The Club will take many by surprise.  Even if Balor played it off for a little bit as if he didn’t want their help would add to the explosion,” Hirsch adds. “But Balor calling upon Gallows and Anderson as his insurance policy en route to reclaiming the Universal Championship would no doubt be a hot topic of the summer.”

The idea of the Fatal Five-Way match at Extreme Rules is solid. But, it’s not solid enough to think WWE hasn’t explored the “what if” scenario of Balor going over. The only way he wins at the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view against Lesnar is with help from Anderson and Gallows. It makes for a better storyline and gives the red team on Raw a chance to run with the “Lesnar got screwed angle.”

WWE must let Balor win at Extreme Rules and then build the potential Hirsch speaks of. In this case, the company has nothing to lose.


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