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WWE: It is the right move to have Mauro Ranallo on NXT

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It seems that NXT will be getting a new voice. There were reports coming out yesterday that Mauro Ranallo has a new job within the WWE. It was announced that he will be the new commentator for NXT. However, it is interesting to see if this means that Tom Phillips is now full time with Smackdown or Percy Watson is being removed from the NXT announcing table.

Ranallo, who was the lead announcer on Smackdown in early 2017 before he left due to reasons that were not fully made to the public. However, the feeling is that he let due to not getting along with JBL. I feel this is the right move for Ranallo to be on the announcing team for NXT for several reasons. For starters, NXT focuses more on the wrestling and less on the soap opera that comes out on the main roster. This suits someone like Ranallo who calls matches more for wrestling. Another reason why it suits to have Ranallo on the NXT brand is that they are not live every week.

They end up filming a couple of episodes at a time. This will allow Ranallo to continue his other obligations. While he was the lead announcer on Smackdown, he was on the road every week and I feel that played a little bit into why he ended up leaving in March. Since it was announced that he will be a commentator, I feel this means that it means that Percy Watson’s days are going to be numbered.

Overall, it is nice to see Ranallo back on his feet and having a job that suits him. It will be interesting to see if he makes his return to the company during the next set of tapings. If there was another Takeover event coming up, then I could see him debuting there. However, the next one is the night before Summerslam and WWE doesn’t want to wait that long.

Let us know in the comments below if you are looking forward to seeing Mauro Ranallo back on WWE programming.

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