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WWE Rumors: Paige to quit

Rumors are going around that another superstar may be done with the WWE. In a year that saw Cody Rhodes, Ryback, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, and others leave the company for various reasons, you may be adding another name to the list. If the reports are true, WWE superstar Paige may have quit and is now getting help from her lawyers for ways to opt- out of her deal with the WWE.

Her real name is Sarya- Jade Bevis and hails from England. She is also only 24 years old, and I don’t suspect this will be the last time she will be in a wrestling ring. Paige has not appeared on WWE programming for some time as WWE currently suspended her for violating the wellness policy. It should be noted that she was suspended a few hours after her boyfriend and fellow WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio was suspended for also violating the WWE wellness policy. She was the original NXT woman’s champion and at one point held both the NXT woman’s title and the WWE Diva’s title.

During the WWE Draft that took place in July, Paige was drafted to the Raw Brand but has yet to appear on TV. If the reports are true that Paige has indeed quit the WWE, they are incredibly foolish. Once you get passed Bayley, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks on Raw, the talent of the woman’s division goes down big time. After those three superstars, you have Alica Fox, Nia Jax, and Dana Brooke. Paige was essentially the 4th best woman wrestler on the Raw Brand. It should be noted that once Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks were initially called up last summer, Paige’s stock started to fall. It took a nose dive after TLC in 2015 as that was the last time Paige was in the title picture. The last major match she was in was on the pre-show of Wrestlemania 32 in the ten woman tag match.

She is talented enough that I can see her going to a promotion like Ring of Honor, TNA, or Shimmer which is the British wrestling promotion. There is a slight possibility that Paige could come back to WWE, but that would be years down the road. I will say it again, and I will stick to this, but I feel WWE missed the boat with her completely. If WWE used her the right away and didn’t give up on her after TLC, then she could be one of the biggest parts of the woman’s revolution.

What I find funny about the situation is that supposedly WWE wanted Paige and her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio to break up because Triple H thought that Del Rio was a bad influence on her. But I guess it is ok for Dean Ambrose to be dating Renee Young. I was not aware of the fact that WWE had a¬†say that it would be ok for certain wrestlers to date and others it wasn’t ok. If you want to get technical, the only reason why Triple H is essentially in the position he is in now was that he married the bosses daughter. We will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments between the WWE and Paige.

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