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WWE Rumors: If Road Dogg had his way we would see Bobby Roode, Asuka, and AOP on Smackdown

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It seems that Road Dogg wants to have some of the top NXT talents get brought up to Smackdown Live. Roadd Dogg, who’s real is Brian James, appeared recently on X-Pac’s 12360 Podcast and talked about several topics. Since Brian James is one of the lead people on Smackdown, X-Pac asked him about seeing superstars like Asuka and Bobby Roode on Smackdown. He actually wants all four NXT Champions on Smackdown.

Lets first look at Asuka. She recently broke Goldberg’s winning streak without losing. She has basically gone through the entire women’s roster in NXT. Personally, I wouldn’t mind to see Asuka on Smackdown when her time is ready. For starters, I would love to see matches where she has to go up against people like Charlotte and Naomi who are both very good in-ring workers.

The same could be said on Bobby Roode who holds the NXT title. He has also been dominant since he has been down in NXT. It seems that WWE doesn’t want to pull the trigger to bring him up so fast because there is no one as of this writing who could fill the role as being the face of NXT. I would like and fully suspect to see Roode on Smackdown Live at some point. Since the superstar shakeup, the Smackdown Live brand has been lacking in top heels with Bray Wyatt and the Miz moving over to RAW. It would be interesting to see Roode in feuds with the likes of AJ Styles and Nakamura.

Road Dogg wouldn’t mind also having having the Authors of Pain also join the Smackdown Brand once they get brought up. As Road Dogg basically puts it, Paul Ellering, the manager of the Authors of Pain was also the manager of Legions of Doom. He had a great run in the first run he had, why wouldn’t his new tag team of Authors of Pain do well on the main roster as well.

As far as how Road Dogg sees these four superstars doing on the main roster, he feels they could all become bigger than what they did in NXT. I figure soon enough we will see all of these superstars up on the main roster soon enough, but it won’t be at the same time. If I had to put it in order of how I figure to see these superstars get the call-up I would see it being Asuka, Bobby Roode and then Authors of Pain. The reason I say that is NXT is in a transitional period and don’t want to lose interest on their product if they send these superstars up to the main roster too soon.

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