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WWE: Women’s Division Set To Capitalize On Rise In Female Athletics

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Women’s wrestling has been suffering for years. There hasn’t been a generational talent in the sport since Trish Stratus left the WWE in the mid 2000’s.

That’s not the fault of the women though, as WWE has failed to market good female talent for years, and have instead turned their attention to supermodels and less experienced female wrestlers. However, the tides might be turning as women’s wrestling might be on the comeback trail.

The WWE is the benchmark of all wrestling promotions. It sets the standards for promotions such as Ring of Honor, TNA, and Globe Force. The one thing WWE hasn’t set forth was a competitive women’s division.

As a result, many of the top independent women wrestlers were seeking opportunities with other companies. But, with the success of WWE’s newest hit show, NXT, the women’s division has been given a revival.

On Monday Night Raw, the WWE introduced some of its promising young talent to the television audience in hopes of bringing the attention back to the women. The decision was made to bring Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch to the main roster, and create meaningful feuds with its already established roster of the Bella Twins and Paige.

The core of Flair, Lynch, Banks, and Paige have come from the aforementioned NXT. It serves as the minor league system for upcoming WWE talent. The show, which is seen exclusively on WWE Network, features some of the best women’s wrestling of any of the major promotions.

The live crowd in Atlanta certainly enjoyed the segment, as many chanted “This is Awesome” throughout the portion of the show. It’s about time WWE realizes that women’s wrestling can get a positive reaction from its fans, especially with the rise in women’s sports as of late.

The U.S. Women’s World Cup teamcaptivated the nation this summer, and drew huge ratings, not only from soccer fans, but the casual ones as well. More recently, Serena Williams has been the center of attention, as many are calling her the greatest female athlete of all time, not named Ronda Rousey, as she tears through her sport with a vengeance.

Is the WWE going to capitalize on the momentum? This is the companies best shot a re-establishing its once proud women’s division.

They have got all the pieces, now they just need to put them together.

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