Lelas Al Waleed

For a broadcaster, beauty and skill both are essential elements to be successful. But according to Lelas Al Waleed, beauty is not as important as skill. The achievements of the educated broadcasters in media is proof that culture wins over beauty. Beauty lost one day and a broadcaster, depending only on his or her beauty, fails.

Lelas Al Waleed promotesnew talent

To discover talented artists, Lelas always support the talent hunt programs by the media, like Arab broadcaster, a talent hunt show by Abu Dhabi TV. This TV show launched last year, which helped to graduate young artists. She thinks that these talent hunt programs are valuable to enrich the media with talented youngsters. New talent brings vision and new ideas to the industry, and she is most happy in it. Talented youngsters must participate in these programs. They can take part in these programs by passing the test and trials by the expert jury. These difficult tests ensure the talent in participants. She has a strong belief that the media must emphasize polishing the talent by time to time training. This training can distinguish the work by improving the artistic skills of an artist. Training is essential, and we cannot depend on academic study only.

She said that it never means that education is not important, but without talent, the study is not enough. A presenter can be successful by working with a professional team.

New broadcast ‘the stars films’

She revealed about her new broadcast the stars Forum, and she is near to complete the studio work related to filming the program episodes.

Lelas Al Waleed had the tough working sessions with Ali Al-Yassi, director of the producing company of her program. The program will be on air after the coming month of holy Ramadan. The program has 30 episodes hosted by different stars of the industry. She feels that the stars Forum is a quality project and is very different in various aspects like decoration, mass production, and photography. The program also revealed the life of the artist hosting in a villa where the program was shot. By following this program, viewers can get the daily routine of the stars.

Lelas Al Waleed Black & White


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