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2014 Kazantip Festival: The Craziest Music Party in the World

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Submitted by Guest Author : Anthony Freeman(Russia)

Everyone who loves electronic music, parties and beach holidays must have heard about Kazantip.

Yet, some of you may be wondering what makes Kazantip different from other music festivals. Although so many people are talking about it, there may be some facts they are missing out.

So, let’s find out what Kazantip is actually.

First of all, if you have never been to Kazantip there is a great deal of enjoyment you are missing out. Most people will tell you that Kazantip is a popular open-air festival of electronic music that takes place for 2-3 weeks in Western Crimea. The truth is that there is much more about it than just a festival where partying never stops.

 The strangest thing about trying to find Kazantip even in Google maps is that you are unlikely to find it. This is basically a small utopian republic that is perhaps smaller than the Vatican or Monaco. The story has it that the founders of this unrecognized republic got inspired to bridge the gap that existed in a colorless world that surrounded them yet people were looking for real nonstop fun.

Everything here goes on to fulfill the deep human wish to have fun and the motto of Kazantip is: “Summer all the year round.”

The reason is that here the sun shines and while the sea is swinging there is nonstop music that plays to such an extent that the waves can surf a kite. There is total happiness and anything goes here, you do anything, everything or nothing, as long as what you do makes you happy. This is a small strip of beach that is full of holiday makers who want to bring out the little childhood that is locked deep inside every one of us.

Anyone who feels exhausted and wants to relax will find Kazantip the right place because the music festival allows for such a great level of freedom and independence. The greatest features Kazantip has to offer are love and good humor, sound of great music and a belief that music heals the world’s troubles.

You can call Kazantip an imaginary world or one big international disco club that holds a large music festival every summer. This festival is held at the famous Black Sea coast in Crimea, beginning in late July and extending all the way to August. There are over 100,000 people who attend Kazantip every year. This is truly an international event that features some of the best performers, musicians, dancers, DJs and other creative artists from all over the world.

The tiny resort boasts a dozen of dance floors, two open air cinemas, thirty bars and restaurants, three kite surfing stations and a number of other impressive architectural structures.

Kazantip represents everything that has been created with the only one aim – to make you happy throughout the festival where fun goes on 24/7; this is a month-long open-air festival where the show never ends. You should come ready to meet some of the best DJs and musicians as well as beautiful girls; everyone comes here ready to have a lifechanging experience that you will never forget. 

You can find more details about Kazantip here, including up-to-date information about dates, admission and tickets. See you there!

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