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2014 MLB Free Agency : Could Giants P Tim Lincecum Be A Fit In Cleveland?

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The Cleveland Indians shocked everyone last offseason with the acquisitions of Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn. This is what a $250 million TV deal will do for you. The Indians have leftover money from the megadeal and the trade of Shin Soo-Choo freed the Indians up to have a better chance to sign Swisher.

Does that mean a deal with Tim Lincecum is imminent?

After a creative offseason, 92 win regular season, and a short trip to the playoffs, it’s safe to say the Indians will be spenders.

Lincecum will be a welcomed addition alongside Justin Masterson should he sign with Cleveland.

The Tribe will likely sign one starting pitcher. The big news is David Price but it is  easier to sign a free agent at this point.

Giants Starting Pitcher Tim Lincecum was 10-14 with a 4.37 E.R.A. He will present some level of risk to the team that signs him in 2014. That risk will likely be minimal though as he is known for his high number of strikeouts and the possibility of throwing a no-hitter each season. Lincecum recorded 193 strikeouts last season.

It’s worth noting the Giants did not make the postseason last year. That will certainly have an impact on Lincecum’s decision, even if it is not huge.

Lincecum’s salary for last season was $22,250,000.  Even though Lincecum’s salary far exceeds that of Price, the Indians will likely favor signing Lincecum over trading Francisco Lindor and other prospects to Tampa Bay for Price.

This is speculation for now. However, Indians fans learned that speculation can become reality.


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