Over the summer, the United Kingdom did what was known as Brexit, as they were trying to remove themselves from the European Union. The fear that was being talked about heavily after that vote came through was this would be the push to get other European nations to sucede from the European Union and possibly end the European Union that began on November 1,1993 in the Netherlands. There is a possibility that one of the states that are apart of the United States may try to pull the same move.

It was reported after Donald Trump had a shocking victory on Election day that the state of California may push to try and sucede from the Union. Since Trump won, there has been a ton of protests across the United States as there have been a ton of backlash. I don’t know how much truth there is or how much legitimacy there is behind it, but it is baffling. California has been part of the Union since September 9,1850 and they want to not be part of the country due to the election results.

I feel people are forgetting that when the United Kingdom went through Brexit was for legitimate reasons. I don’t know how serious this can be taken, as you can not just out and right leave a country because you don’t like the president. I fully understand that people are not happy by the concept that someone like Donald Trump, who has no political experience won the election, but to succeed from the United States is just going to make the situation worse. I also don’t feel that this will gain any momentum as there is no concentrate foundation for their reasoning.

I don’t suspect that this will be a legitimate thing and is just people’s sudden reactions to what happened on Tuesday night. My prediction is that this won’t happen and it will lose momentum real soon.