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2016 Olympics: Australia tightens security

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If you do not own a cable TV, read the newspaper, or listen to the radio then you may not know that currently, the 2016 Olympics are going on in Rio. Approximately two weeks ago, I did an article that outlined the issues facing Rio as the games were approaching.

Although the games are going on and the United States is dominating, there has been reports of several incidents going on in Rio. For starters, you had four American swimmers, including six-time gold medalist Ryan Lochte, being robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning.

It’s now being reported by ESPN; the Australian Olympic Committee has had tightened its security protocols for their athletes in Rio de Janerio. They are now not allowing their athletes to visit Ipanema and Copacabana, two popular beaches in Rio at night.

This comes after two Australian rowing coaches were robbed at knifepoint on the Ipanema beach shortly after the opening ceremonies. It has gotten to the point that Mike Tancred, a spokesman for the Australian Olympic Committee, took a shot at Rio’s security.

He said, “ The host city has a responsibility to protect all the athletes and officials. They need to lift their game.” I fully agree with what he said. It seems with these games we have heard all the bad things to go on. I agree with the idea that it should be the responsibility of the security team to make sure the athletes and everyone are safe. I will go on the record to say that I do not see the IOC (International Olympic Committee) awarding Rio the Olympics for a long time or possibly never again.

Australian Olympic officials are telling their athletes the following: stay in groups of three, and if they decide to travel at night, a vehicle needs to be used, even for short distances. Also, they are telling their athletes not to wear a team uniform for recreational activates.

In more news related to the Australian Olympics team, it is being reported by the Sydney Morning Herald that several Australian rugby players were “read the riot act” after several players were staggering into the Athletes’ Village around 9 a.m. Saturday following a drunken night.

Due to the activity choices of several rugby players, none of the Australian aren’t allowed to drink alcohol within the village. Also, they are not allowed to drink around people who are still competing.

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