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NBA: MVP Odds for 2016-2017 Season

With this year’s odds posted by @maxRappaport are the odds posted on who helps the team the most or who post the most triple doubles and most shots taken in a season.

Russell Westbrook came on top with the odds to win the MVP Award with 2/1. Westbrook may have a great season full of exciting plays and huge numbers. But as we saw two years ago without Kevin Durant is that going to help the team? Russell Westbrook has a reputation of doing too much and in doing that hurts the team. He has the drive, and a do all killer attitude that a lot of NBA players lack in this generation. Russell Westbrook has a great shot at becoming MVP this year the only thing that will hold him back is whether he will average a triple double and have 10 or more turnovers a game.

Stephen Curry came in at 4/1 odds to be MVP; I expect a down year for Curry after last year’s poor performance in the NBA Finals. The new addition of Kevin Durant who also is in the top 5 of receiving the Award, Durant has more to prove that the big move from the OKC Thunder was the right decision and to prove he is one of the top 5 players in the NBA.  With that said my clear winner this year would be Paul George with the Indiana Pacers. Larry Bird finally did George good with the new additions this year with Jeff Teague, Thaddeus Young, and Al Jefferson. He has all the tools with a less ball-dominant Guard and two great forwards so he can play the position feels most comfortable at small forward. Pacers may not be as defensive minded as the Pacers we remember before George’s injury, but it’s going to be a huge threat in the East.

A full list of the top NBA MVP odds can be found here.

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