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RJ McIntosh (Oct. 21, 2017 - Source: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images North America)
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2018 NFL Draft: Miami Hurricanes Defensive Tackle RJ McIntosh

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ARLINGTON- There is some hype about Michigan defensive tackle Maurice Hurst.  Perhaps it’s time to talk about some defensive lineman that aren’t making headlines but could be almost as good as the dominant names everyone is already familiar with. One player that should be on every team’s radar is Miami defensive tackle RJ McIntosh.

Defensive coordinators want speed on their defense. McIntosh has so much speed that quarterbacks are lucky to have three seconds to pass the ball. After assessing the game film, McIntosh’s speed leaps out at anyone watching it. He also has great technique including properly bending his knees and using finesse moves to slip past offensive lineman. He can be a versatile pass rusher and run stopper. His relentless ability to pursuit quarterbacks and running backs will come in handy.

McIntosh is currently a third or fourth round projection but has late second round upside.  The issue he faces is lack of size. He will need to do a lot of lifting before the draft.

It would be ideal if he can incorporate power moves to compliment his finesse style. He needs to improve his hand technique and become more aggressive. Offensive lineman could easily block him right now due to his light frame. Defensive tackles are supposed to be big and bulky like Dontari Poe.

Some NFL scouts will probably say he entered the draft way too early. It seems that McIntosh is a project rather than a starter. If a team starts him right now, it is a big risk.

The team that drafts him could develop the ultimate pass rusher and have a big time weapon on their side. McIntosh recorded 52 tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss and 25 solo tackles in 2017. Is it possible for McIntosh to be as good as Warren Sapp? McIntosh needs about 10-15 more pounds to his 6-4 frame.

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