Jalen Ramsey

The Jacksonville Jaguars wouldn’t think of trading Jalen Ramsey. The All-Pro cornerback is one of the best, if not the best at his position and one of the reasons the Jaguars are at the top of the NFL’s best defenses.

Ramsey, the fifth pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, was one of the subjects in Adam Rank’s piece on NFL.com of the most untradeable players in the NFL.

With plenty of talk about Odell Beckham, Jr. the subject of potential trade talks ahead of the NFL Draft, Rank listed the players teams could not afford to trade. Jalen Ramsey was near the top of the list.

“When you boast the Deion Sanders of his generation, you have to keep him. I know: It’s unfair to compare Ramsey to Deion,” Rank writes. “Even though they both attended Florida State, both starred in multiple sports for the Seminoles, both went No. 5 overall in the NFL draft … Wait a second — are we sure we can’t compare them? Anyway, Ramsey, is clearly a difference maker for the Jags.”

The Jaguars had the second best overall defense in the NFL last season. While AJ Bouye may have had better stats than the former FSU All-American, teams tried to avoid passing in his direction because of the defender he has become in his first two seasons in the league and that he is one of the more feared hitters from the secondary.

“Now, it’s fair to point out A.J. Bouye ranked higher last season in passer rating (he was first), catch rate and yards per game, according to Next Gen stats,” added Rank. “But Ramsey is entering his third season, and he’s still playing off that rookie contract, having just logged a first-team All-Pro nod in Year 2. So, he’s amazing, he’s cheap and he’s only getting better for a team that is climbing the ranks.”

Ranks also listed Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, Joe Bosa, defensive end for the Los Angeles Chargers, Marshon Lattimore, cornerback from New Orleans and the irreplaceable J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans amongst the defensive players who will seriously handicap their current organizations if they were to leave for another team.

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