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Get Ready for Summer with New Outdoor LED Lights

Summer fun is swiftly approaching, and there’s no time like now to start upgrading your lighting systems. Whether you need bright lighting for a field, court, golf course, or any other recreational area, there is only one type of lighting that maximizes natural color and saves you money. When it comes to performance AEON LED Luminaires are the top of the class. Here’s why you should replace your lighting with high efficiency LED lighting this season.

LED Lighting is Efficient and Saves Money

Have you ever climbed to the top of a high-mounted light to change the equipment? If not, you’ve probably paid a hefty price for someone else to complete the service. LED lighting outclasses the competition by lasting over 100,000 hours and saving up to 65% on energy costs. This means you’ll spend less time and money replacing bulbs or equipment on your field.

AEON LED Luminaires deliver 140 lumens/watt, which means more light with fewer luminaires. This translates to huge savings when lighting your court or field throughout the night.

Glare-Free Light on Any Playing Field

AEON LED Luminaires will make your outdoor sporting event an exciting, fun experience for both players and spectators. The optimal color rendering technology of our luminaires mimics natural sunlight as accurately as possible, reducing glare on and off the field.

This also makes for an incredible broadcasting experience for spectators at home as colors are rendered as realistically as if you’re right there on the field. The luminaires’ wide-beam angle provides even, glare-free light that is perfect for baseball fields, tennis courts, golf courses, parks, and even indoor facilities like swimming pools.

AEON LED Luminaires are Durable and Long Lasting

Nothing beats the strength of an AEON LED Luminaire. Their proprietary heat-reducing technology extends the luminaire’s life while the rugged, weather-tight design keeps your outdoor lighting in top shape in even the most demanding of elements. The AEON LED Luminaires are made with corrosion resistant stainless steel, and the solid-state design is perfect for high vibration areas due to its lack of moving parts.

Wireless Control Puts Technology at Your Fingertips

The Hylink Wireless Lighting System allows for secure lighting control of your AEON LED Luminaires from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This technology allows you to maximize cost efficiency by generating a graph of power consumption and voltage at command. It even allows for control of individual or a group of luminaires for custom lighting.

Installation is Easier than Ever

With AEON LED Luminaries, we make setting up your cost-saving, high efficiency LED lighting fast and easy. You can mount with several different options, including yoke, pendant, or hook. Plus, the simple entry design allows for convenient installation and fast maintenance, decreasing labor costs significantly.

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