By Stephen Benton

Smartphones are the Swiss army knives of your digital life. You can use them for anything between redeeming casino bonuses and keeping up with your friends and families on social media, reading the news, listening to music, playing games, and whatnot. But smartphones can go way beyond entertainment and show their utility as instruments of improvement for your body (through their various fitness tracking functions) and your personality. Today, let’s take a brief look at the latter and check out a few podcasts that can truly improve the way you live your life.

WTF with Marc Maron

Looking for some star power and laughs in your earbuds? Check out “WTF with Marc Maron”, a podcast hosted by comedian, writer, and actor Marc Maron in his garage (really). Twice a week, he talks with well-known personalities – this year, he had guests like actor Willem Dafoe, Tracey Ullman, Jeff and Beau Bridges, Kathy Bates, and many others. Still, the highlight of his show was a visit from Barack Obama back in 2015.

Paging Dr. Nerdlove

While Harris O’Malley usually describes himself as a “dating coach”, teaching people – especially nerds of all kinds – of finding and keeping a significant other, in his podcast called “Paging Dr. Nerdlove” he goes way beyond just that. In fact, his words are an endless collection of topics that can be useful in dating as well as in many other areas of everyday life, from personal relationships of all kinds to work, business, and many others.

He often emphasizes the importance of ‘social calibration’, the ability to ‘read the room’ and the vital nature of ‘not being a douche’, which is a lesson many men (and many women) should learn sooner rather than later. And his words (and the attached writings, too) provide his readers and listeners with useful advice on how to become a better man in addition to building a lasting and harmonious relationship.

The Best Debate in the Universe

Have you ever heard of Maddox? If you haven’t, make sure to check him out: he is perhaps the most opinionated human ever to post content online. His first website, “The Best Page in the Universe”, has become an internet sensation back in the 2000s (he still maintains it today), and his first book, “The Alphabet of Manliness”, has become a New York Times bestseller in 2008. In short, Maddox (born George Ouzounian) has been giving the world the finger for over two decades now – and, since last year, he does so in his own spoken word.

“The Best Debate in the Universe” he and his talking partners cover a variety of topics, ranging from psychotropics and school shootings to movies, cults, video games, and whatnot. In his trademark satirical tone, of course.

3 Replies to “3 Podcasts that You Should Check Out Today!”

  1. Maddox thinks that women who are raped and don’t immediately report it are liars… he says that Harvey Weinstein is innocent,he still supports Bill Cosby and he has suggested that his fans vote for Roy Moore…. I’m sorry but that isn’t satire, it’s disgusting and disrespectful to victimized women.

  2. Maddox is a shill who cant read and believes reading Wikipedia articles makes for a good podcast. Listen to the The Biggest Problem in the Universe if you want to consume anything that has him in it.

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