Things to do at Hatton Garden

London is a live city and there are multiple things to see and do. Every time someone says London, you think Buckingham Palace and London Eye. Well these are memorable landmarks so it is but natural to imagine them. But Hatton Garden is a historic area and a street of the same name near the main city of London. The name comes from Sir Christopher Hatton and his family who had a mansion and garden established here. Seeing the orchard and garden of Ely Palace is one of the nice things to do at Hatton Garden.  It is a popular jewellery quarter and known for commercial establishments. Here are five things you can do at Hatton Garden in London.

Tryst with history

The Hatton Garden area has a lot of historical associations and it is quite old. You can find those hidden historic gems as you walk through the area. The St. Etheldreda’s Church is a historic building that survives from the reign of Edward I and is used as a catholic church. It is built and decorated in the gothic style with the windows having painted glass. The Bleeding Heart Yard is a courtyard and an urban legend states that the second wife of Sir William Hatton was murdered here. The grisly details are that her limbs were torn but her heart was still pumping blood. Today there is a tavern and bistro of the same name here. There is a Charles Dickens museum too that can be of interest.

Jewellery shopping

Multiple jewellery boutiques can be found in the Hatton Garden area and you must check out the unique pieces on sale here. Hatton Garden jewellers produce breath taking designs and this jewellery can make precious gifts. Check out the precious stones and designs and have a chat with the jewellers about the history of each piece. They will surely be glad to talk you through it. Some businesses have been around for more than a century and they would be thrilled to talk to you about their craft.

Quick picnic

The summers bring a huge change to Hatton Garden and during August, there is a vibrant pop up park that comes up. You can party here all day, getting free massages, free food and drinks along with free yoga sessions. There are three days of themed partying and you can drop-in on an event free of cost. You can have a picnic in this area and even pamper yourself with free sessions. It becomes like a big party playground where you walk around in the sunlight and chill with your friends. This is one of the best things to do in Hatton Garden.

Lunch and drinks

The place is a hub for cafes and shops. If you find yourself strolling through the area then there are a few great places for food and drinks. The Leather Lane market has quite a few eateries and food tricks that pop up. You will find different stalls that serve curries, pies, salads, juices, burgers and even the traditional meal of fish and chips. It attracts a crowd of office goers while it is open from 10 am to 3 pm. You could also get exotic iced teas and have drinks on a rooftop at cafes and bars at Hatton Garden

Games and fun

Hatton Garden has a pub with an in-house brewery, serving traditional brews. Enjoy a cold beer with your friends in a traditional English pub. A social entertainment platform can be found in Hatton Garden as well. You get cocktails, beers, appetisers and an area to play while you are there.

Hatton Garden can make for a good summer outing as you shop and eat, basking in the sun.

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