The trendy and latest hairstyles can change the look of the person and add a character in the personality of the person.

If we talk about the beautiful hairs, some people have long and healthy hairs but some don’t have it. Less or thin hairs may be caused genetically or any hormonal disturbance that create this issues. Most of the females used to take the assistance of hair wigs and add colors in their lives, especially, the cancer patients who lose their hair and get bald. The hair wigs help them to go out with confidence and feel good.

If we describe “hair Wig” in a simple words, a wig is an artificial covering that can be done with synthetic or real human hair to cover the baldness and thinness of the hairs. It was the time when finding a good wig was a hectic task but now, you can easily find them in different varieties, colors and styles. Today, we are going to discuss about the hair wigs so let’s talk about it.

Types of hair wigs:

There are a few types of hair wigs that used in fashion industry and even people use to wear them in routine life. Some of them are as including:

1.      Lace front wigs:

These types of wigs are also knows as lace capped wigs and it can cover the hair and give the real look of the fine and thick-haired scalp. It will give the natural hair look and comfortable replacement of the real hair.

2.      Monofilament based wigs:

This type of wig is available in human and fiber hair. If you want to give the pure and realistic look to your hair then you must try this type of wig.

3.      Machine weft wigs:

If you are not willing to buy an expensive wig then machine weft wigs are the best choices for you. Well, it’s not fine as the other wigs and only available in fiber material.

4.      Hand tied wigs:

If you are looking for flexible and light weight wigs, the hand tied wigs are the best for you. The soft line wig give the smooth touch and easy to bind experience.

5.      Custom made wigs:

You can get the custom-made wigs that will give you perfect fit. The manufacturer will take the measurements of your crown area, density, and parting. You can also get the personalized wig in your favorite color.

Estimated price of the different types of wigs:

For the people who want to buy fiber or human hair wigs but they don’t have any idea of the real prices of the wigs. Here we are going to draw a table of the price of the wigs, let’s have a look:


Name of the wig

Estimated Price

1 Lace front wig £275 in fiber

£550 in human hair

2 Monofilament based wig £160 in fiber

£399 in Human hair

3 Machine weft wig £55
4 Hand tied wig £130
5 Custom made wig £650 to £1200

(Note: The above mentioned prices in the table are estimated so you can get the idea of the actual price of each type of the wig)

Synthetic vs human hair:

The two main types are synthetic and human hairs that you can order from different places or even online. For your assistance, here is the detail of both types of hair.

Synthetic hair wigs:

It is made of artificial fibers that give the real look to the wigs. These are available in different colors, styles and sizes. Some wigs are also give the realistic feel that you can’t make any difference in real or synthetic hairs. You can also get the customized hair wig and the price of it is depends on the measurements, material and length of the wig.

Human hair wigs:

The human hair wigs are made of real human hairs and the manufacturers collect these hairs from hair salons and other places. Some girls also sell their long and beautiful hairs and get good cash. The human hair wigs are expensive but durable. It will give the real and smooth feel of the hair. Now, there are a few but new technologies that used to plant the wigs like 3D or 6D technologies are commonly used worldwide.

The main difference in both types:

The major difference including:

  • Material
  • Reliability
  • Price
  • Availability

In short, you can get both types of hair wigs but from different platforms. Some people like straight and long hair but daring people prefer to give a different look like curl or wave their hair. You can also buy weave hair bundles and use them for the long time. Now, the question is , where to find them? We know the answer.

1)     You can check online platform:

There are many online website who are selling real and synthetic hair wigs. You can order them online but make sure that the platform must be authentic.

2)     Personally visit the nearest wig’s showroom:

You can also visit the showroom where you can select and try different types of wigs. It will be more beneficial option for you as you can check the quality of the wigs and negotiate the price. You can get this freedom at online store where you can only place the order but can’t check the material so, anyone can cheat with you. So, our suggestion is to o and selects the wig according to your face.

3)     Order to your personal hair dresser:

If you never get any option then you can talk with your hair dresser as they know where to find and get the affordable wigs. Most of the people take the assistance of their foreign friends and ask them to bring some beautiful and real haired wigs for them.

Long story short, wigs are always in trend because they can reduce the time of making different hairstyle and give the convenient option to the user. Now, people feel no shame and harm in wearing them.


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